Editors’ note: Although we do our best to vet information based on our sources and our knowledge of the park’s operations, false information will undoubtedly fall through. Rumors that have been confirmed will be transitioned to our “news” section.

PlausibleLast updated: July 31, 2013

» The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – 2016: Harry Potter breaks ground in September. (more information)

» Krustyland: I would keep an eye out for this one. Nothing’s been confirmed, but it’s looking like a very strong possibility. (more information)

» Universal Plaza: Now this is interesting. While a portion of Plaza will be open in time for Halloween Horror Nights, the area in full may not be completed until 2014. Everything we said earlier about the Art Deco tower stands, but the project appears to be moving at a snail’s pace. (more information)

» Simpsons Restrooms: Wondering what they’re doing near the exit of the Simpsons/Studio Tour entrance? New, expanded restrooms. No word on when it’ll be finished.

» Fast and Furious: Extreme Close-up: Given the blockbuster success of Fast & Furious 6, Inside Universal has learned that the studio has become increasingly frustrated with the franchise’s portrayal within its theme parks (read: Fast and Furious: Extreme Close Up). This frustration eventually lead to the unplanned closure of Fast and Furious on the Studio Tour. (more information) » Shrek 4D Queue: Shrek’s extended queue will be demolished in September to make way for Potter. (more information)

50/50Last updated: July 27, 2013

» Universal’s Animal Actors: A New, Multipurpose Stage? Given the unusual retheme of Universal Animal Actor’s, we’re inclined to believe that the refurnished venue could be used for future events beyond the animal show. (more information)

DebunkedLast updated: July 2, 2013

» Potter Phase 2: While we don’t doubt the idea that Universal is already discussing the potential for phase two for Hollywood, the notion that things have already been planned out appear to be preposterous at best. Think about this: management is currently in the process of scrambling to accommodate Harry Potter “phase one.” Not only will Potter stress Hollywood’s core operations, it will also bring infrastructure challenges to the composition of the entire park. Attractions, rides, shops and restaurants – everything. To think that any portion of “phase two” has been planned out for Hollywood just doesn’t make sense. (more information)

» Universal to Acquire Golf Club: Rumors have recently emerged that Universal Studios Hollywood, or perhaps more specifically Comcast, are both planning to purchase the Lakeside Golf Club in Burbank in an effort to expand the production studio and theme park. In short, we don’t think this is going to happen. (more information)