The Blues Brothers Test

The Blues Brothers is an excellent stage show based off the original 1980s John Landis film. See Jake and Elwood live and in person, and relive those classic soul/rhythm/blues hits.

The premise is simple: Like in the original film, Jake and Elwood are attempting to get the band back together. And like the film, Jake and Elwood find themselves persuading their former bandmate’s steadfast wife.

The Blues Brothers has always occupied a special place within Universal’s roster of shows. What used to start out as a sleepy street performance has – over the years – turned into a full fledged production at the entrance of Universal’s Entertainment Center (otherwise known as the Upper Lot).

Because of its prime location at the intersection of several major attractions, the show has always attracted a relatively decent spillover audience from its neighbors – keyword being “spillover.” Now, I don’t want to undermine the show’s quality, because it is a quality production, but the Blues Brothers has always been something of a filler in my schedule. In other words, an attraction that fits perfectly between shows or rides – much like The Adventures of Curious George – but doesn’t necessarily warrant its own visit. So to give you a bit of a scenario, say if I was caught between this show or WaterWorld. Well, if I had to pick, I’d almost always pick WaterWorld.

But focusing on the show itself, the actors are usually top-notch in their vocal performance, and you’re bound to see a few people tapping their shoes. In essence, this show is really a truncated version of kitchen and cook scene from the original film. The plot is simple, yet understandable, and it’s pretty damn good for a 15 minute show. The song selection is great, and the overall setup is simple, yet suitable for the soundstage/Hollywood atmosphere they’re trying to convey.

In the end, would I recommend it? Eh, I don’t know. Unless you’re a huge Blues Brothers fan or you have some free time waiting for WaterWorld, I’d probably skip this for something else. Again, it’s not that this show is bad, it’s just not noteworthy. But if you have time, do check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

The Blues Brothers is a live stage show that uses loud sound effects. The show itself is relatively straightforward, so here’s what we have to say:

– Arrive at least 10-15 minutes before posted show times.

– Expect this show to operate on a seasonal basis. In other words, shows will be held only during weekends or peak days.

– Seating is in metal chairs – first come, first serve basis. No one is there to dictate seating. If the seats do fill out, it’s usually customary to just surround the perimeter.

– Photography and video taping are perfectly acceptable.

Your child will probably enjoy this if they enjoyed the original film. The show’s not raunchy or inappropriate by any means, so it’s really “child friendly.” I’m just not sure they’ll be captivated enough to sit through the whole show.

Oh, and this show is relatively loud, so keep that in mind. Not Terminator loud, but loud nonetheless.

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Article last revised: June 30, 2012.