Universal’s House of Horrors Test

Experience some of the scariest monsters in the world in this immensely themed year-round maze!

As the attraction’s title would suggest, this is simply a house filled with Universal’s classic movie monsters. You’ll experience Frankenstein and Chucky in highly themed zones in this walk-through scare maze. Of course, this is a scare maze – so do expect to get, well…scared! This translates to scare actors, fake chain saws and the likes, so be prepared!

As far as year-round scare mazes go, this is probably as good as you’ll get. Given Universal’s vast expertise in the horror genre, Universal’s House of Horror definitely has a few tricks up its sleeve that will try to scare the crap out of you – and for what it’s worth, it’s very well themed.

I’ll start out by stating I’m not a huge fan of scare-mazes – let alone year-round scare-mazes. It always seemed peculiar as to why Universal would put a scare maze in between the Blues Brothers and a photo shop, but I digress. It’s there and it’s there to stay. So, what do I think?

Well, again, for a year-round maze – it’s relatively good, if not great. The theming is superb and Universal has a good habit of changing out the ‘zones’ throughout the year with something different to keep things interesting. The only damper to this otherwise great attraction would be the lack of scare actors during off-seasons. Perhaps it’s because I’ve gone through so many times, but I usually get one or two or on the rare occasion – three actors, but only if I’m lucky. Other than that, you’re simply walking through rooms.

Would I recommend it? Sure, if it has a ten minute wait. Anything over and I’d most likely skip it. Maybe I’m being overtly harsh, but isn’t anything to write home about. I mean, it is a scare maze after all.

Universal’s House of Horrors is a high-action scare maze with loud sounds, steep and narrow pathways, dimly lit areas, strobe effects and live-action scare actors. Given the nature of a scare-maze, we’ve offered tips on what to expect and how to navigate safely and comfortably.

– Just so we make ourselves clear, this is a maze. You need to be absolutely comfortable navigating dark and narrow passageways, because this attraction is littered with them.

– Also be aware that this attraction is loud. Very loud. I’ve always stuffed tissues in my ear before heading in, and if you’re sensitive to loud noises, you might do the same.

– I don’t recommend eating or drinking. You are walking through dark pathways, so take that for what it’s worth. Video filming and especially flash photography are frowned upon, so don’t try it.

– There are exits and employees throughout the maze, should you need assistance.

– Keep on the lookout for monsters…and good luck!

No. Just no. We’d highly recommend you adhere to Universal’s suggestion of ages 13 and up.

I mean, if you really want us to elaborate, expect extremely loud noises, strobe effects and gruesome images – everything associated with a scare maze. So take note before taking your child in.

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We also have photos of the attraction – and of course, updates on our blog.

– There are special “smell zones” located throughout the maze. Take notice of the smells before you wander in!


Article last revised: June 27, 2012.