Are you ready to be one of the best of the best?

Orlando United happens to be resident MiB Experts and has concocted a guide to help you max out your score on the Men in Black: Alien Attack attraction. Please keep in mind this is not a “guarantee” to help you achieve the coveted 999,999, but a guide to help you improve your game. Good luck!

As you make your way out of the loading dock, be ready to put in work at the training section of the ride. The first target I always go to is on the upper left. He’s pretty high up and has separation from the other aliens. When you get out of reach from him, the next logical target is directly in front of you, up high. He’s pretty crazy looking. The key here is not to hit the actual target, but the sensor on his chin. I always call it a zit.

As you enter the 2nd room, your best bet at the start are the guys who are directly next to you. Pretty soon you will have a moving target head towards you, he also has 2 sensors. Aim away from the target and go for the other sensor. When I get out of training, I usually hope to have about 30,000.

When you enter the crash site, logically most people shoot at the aliens directly In front of you. Your best chance for points are any targets that are up high, and at a distance. KEEP shooting them. You will keep getting points for most if not all of them. If you are on the left track, there is a baby stroller with an alien in it, this target is very good, but as I said, unless you have a good shot at it, keep going for windows. You can also find Frank the Pug in this area as well, located at the newstand. It’s a little harder to hit if you are in the right track, since the vehicle is turned away from it. Eventually the car will spin out of control. I generally am at about 200,000 at this point.

Before the ambush scene there’s a small part. You’ll see a giant squid looking alien in the second story of the building to the right. Aim for his gun. Try to hit it as much as possible. As soon as you are out of his range, on the same side, 2nd story there’s an alien in a window. The sensor is on the bottom of the window. Even if he is not popping up, you’ll get points for hitting it and you’ll hear a strange noise come through your car. I like to have about 300,000+ by now.

The ambush to me is kind of a wash. It’s pretty hard because you get such little time in it. The key is to hit any of the alien’s guns. Keep shooting any ones that you can. By now, you’re a little queasy from all the spinning. At least I am. Before the scanners, you’ll see pairs of eyes in the trees to the left. Focus on one pair of eyes and keep your finger on the trigger. You can do some serious damage here. Heading into the scanners I usually have about 550,000.

Give your finger a nice little break as you go through the scanners. Naturally people aim for the fusion exhaust port on the other vehicle as that’s what you’re told to do, but many people do not know about the “drop down bugs”. As soon as your guns are turned back on, look directly above you, slightly to the right. There’s a bug above you. There’s a few sensors. These guys are worth a sick amount of points. Try and get as many hits as possible, you’ll need them to max out. When you can’t shoot them anymore go for the exhaust port. Keep your finger down on that sucker and keep going. Even when the car stops spinning, you can still get points for hitting it. Keep on it! You might even get 999,999 before the finale, it’s happened to me many times. At this point, I am either maxed out or in the 900,000’s.

And now, the finale. The big bug. There’s sensors all over this bad boy. Tons of grayish/black spots. Try and hit as many as possible. Sometimes if I’m in the 900,000’s, I don’t even bother, I just hit the red button for the 100,000 bonus.

Enjoy one last spin and then hopefully, if all goes well, you’ll be getting the last suit you’ll ever wear. And the perfect score.

Useful tips

  • Targets up high and further away are worth more.
  • ALWAYS keep your finger down on the trigger. Don’t tire out your finger by constantly pressing it.
  • Most targets can be hit over and over. This is essential.
  • While I’m not sure if they still do this, upon maxing out, tell one of the unload assistants. They have galaxy defender stickers featuring Do-Right from the preshow videos.

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