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Photoshop for a price.

Superimpose your head on a famous actor or actress.

The Rundown

» Location: At the intersection of Universal Plaza and Shrek 4D.

» Products: Photos and services.

» Our take: Typical “insert your face here!” gimmick. There’s one outside on CityWalk and in the Lower Lot as well. They have these at pretty much every theme park and in most malls too. Not worth the price either. We don’t know anyone who would go to a theme park to have their heads photoshopped in a magazine spread or on top of a famous celebrity but we’re not here to judge. If you’re interested in that sort of stuff, this is your go-to place. If not, we doubt anyone in your party would mind if you all skipped it.

» Worth a visit?: No. Pass on this unless you don’t mind spending the money for a cute – if cheesy – souvenir.