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Child Switch

“Baby, don’t leave me!”

Offered at select attractions, Child Switch is an innovative program that allows you and your party to experience attractions that may not be suitable for younger members in your group. Simply designate a member of your group to stay with the child in the child switch area while the rest of your party waits in line. When your party is finished, simply switch places so that the remainder of your group may experience the same attraction without having to wait in line. A maximum of two guests may use a pass at a given time.

Since the program varies slightly per attraction, we’ve compiled a guide that showcases instructions on how to take advantage of the Child Switch program at participating attractions below. As with any program outlined on this site, feel free to ask a team member in the park if you require additional assistance.

Upper Lot

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

You can request a Child Switch Pass at Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem by speaking with the Universal team member located at the entrance of the attraction near the Gate A entrance. Because the attraction does not feature a dedicated Child Switch waiting area, you may bring your child to the adjacent Super Silly Fun Land playground area to wait.

Child Switch at Despicable Me

The Simpsons Ride

Child Switch for The Simpsons Ride can be found to the left of the giant Krusty the Clown head, next to the drinking fountains. You and your party may wait in a designated waiting area within the ride. Speak to the Universal team member in front of the Gate A sign to request a pass.

Child Switch at The Simpsons Ride

Lower Lot

Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride

Finding the Child Switch area for Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride can be a little tricky. Head through the exit of the ride, located directly up the stairs as you enter the main queue. As you head down the exit corridor, make a right (just before the turnstiles) until you see a door marked “Child Switch.” From there, follow the signs until you reach a dedicated Child Switch room.

Child Switch at Revenge of the Mummy

Head down the main exit (against incoming traffic) and turn right just before you hit the turnstiles. You’ll see a door with this sign.

Child Switch at Revenge of the Mummy

If you see this intimidating stairwell, you’re in the right place.

Child Switch at Revenge of the Mummy

Once you see this room, you’ve entered Revenge of the Mummy’s Child Switch area!

Transformers: The Ride – 3D

Child Switch for Transformers: The Ride – 3D can be found through the main entrance. As you head under the main facade, you’ll be making a right until you see the line for Single Rider. To the right of Single Rider, you’ll see an elevator that heads directly to the first floor of the main building. This floor contains both the area for Child Switch and the ride’s disembarking station.

Be sure to request a Child Switch pass from a Universal team member before heading down to the Child Switch room.

Child Switch at Transformers: The Ride

Head directly to the main entrance and turn right until you see this escalator.

Child Switch at Transformers: The Ride

Tap level 1.

Child Switch at Transformers: The Ride

Head into the Child Switch room where you may wait for your party to finish the attraction.

Child Switch at Transformers: The Ride

Once you reach this room, you’ll be able to wait for your party to conduct an exchange.

Jurassic Park… The Ride

Child Switch has its own dedicated entrance at Jurassic Park… The Ride. You may find the Child Switch area by heading through the main Jurassic Park archway and continuing down the main pathway until you stumble upon a smaller entrance on the left hand side titled “Lockers – Child Switch – Gate A.”

Request a Child Switch pass, and you’ll be directed towards the appropriate room.

Child Switch at Jurassic Park... The Ride

Proceed under the main Jurassic Park… The Ride arch until you reach a bend in the main pathway with this entrance.

Child Switch at Jurassic Park... The Ride

You’ve reached Jurassic Park’s main Child Switch room.