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Dino Play

Play with dinosaurs!

Dino Play is an interactive play area that allows kids to pretend they’re paleontologists and climb on top of old dinosaur fossils. This play area consists of cargo nets, ladders and slides. A fun feature that separates this play zone from others would be the interactive buttons located throughout the zone. These buttons – when pushed – contain different dinosaur sounds.


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The Dino Play playground!

Wheelchair Accessible

While wheelchairs are allowed into the play area, they are not allowed inside the jungle gym.

Flash Photography and Video Taping Policy

Photography and videotaping is permitted in the play area.

Child Friendly?

Photography and videotaping is permitted in the play area.

Stroller Parking

Stroller parking is located just outside of the entrance to Dino Play, next to Jurassic Park The Ride’s entrance.

Intensity Meter

Intensity Meter

Dino Play is suitable for all ages. However, some kids may have a fear of going up stairs or going down slides. If you or your child have a fear of stairs or slides, Dino Play may not be for you.


Photo opportunity

If you’re a fan of triceratop, you’re in luck. Dino Play’s entry features a giant triceratops skull and provides the perfect opportunity for a fun photo with you and your group.

Beware of crowds!

Be sure to visit Dino Play early in your day, because this area is known to be busy with paleontologists in training.

These dinosaurs make noises!

Be sure to find the interactive buttons and see if you figure out which dinosaur is making the sound!

Our Take: From our Editors

Jonathan Green – Inside Universal Editor

Unlike Super Silly Fun Land, Dino Play is designed for kids and kids only. That being said, this area provides lots of shade and plenty of seating for those with kids. While there is not much to do in this play area, kids will find it enjoyable.