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The Sorting Hat featured at Featured Presentation

Merchandise from Universal’s latest hits and attractions can be found here in abundance.

Located at the entrance of the park, Feature Presentation houses the latest and greatest franchises to make their way to Universal Studios Hollywood.

The store frequently changes theme and merchandise stock depending on what’s trending at the park – whether it be an up-and-coming addition like the Wizarding World of Harry Potter or during the Grinchmas season with Grinch-themed items. At the moment, Feature Presentation has been dominated with merchandise for Universal’s newest land, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Indeed, guests can find all sorts of Potter-themed merchandise at this store, including wands, chocolate frogs, robes, scarves, cups and clothing. So while Feature Presentation lacks breath, it makes up in depth if you’re a fan of a particular franchise.


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Feature Presentation's store front

Feature Presentation is located directly in front of the park’s fountain plaza. If you’re just entering the park, you can spot the store on the right hand side of the main walkway next to Hollywood Photoland.


What do they carry?

Feature Presentation carries Harry Potter themed smart phone cases, Hogwarts house flags, cups, mugs, scarves, robes, jewelry, wands, notebooks, stationary, candy and broom sticks (no, really!).

Feature Presentation is a tiny store

Feature Presentation is among Universal’s smallest retail stores. As a result, the store – depending on what it carries – can be packed in the afternoon or the evening as guests leave the park. In some cases, team members may regulate the flow of traffic into the store by holding a queue outside the store’s main gate. Plan accordingly if you’re interested in visiting.

In addition, specific themes are labeled beneath the store’s main signage, so if you’re not a fan of Grinch-related gear, you’ll be able to skip this store entirely with little regret. In the case of this season’s theme (the Wizarding World of Harry Potter), merchandise from the new land can also be found at the adjacent Universal Studio Store. Not only is the Studio Store larger, but it also offers a variety of merchandise that’s not restricted to a single theme.

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