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Flight of Hippogriff

A Special Opportunity to Befriend a Hippogriff!

Prior to zooming through the Forbidden Forest and past Hagrid’s Hut, you must first learn how to properly greet the temperamental hippogriff. With the help of a familiar friend, it doesn’t take long before you are whizzing around as if you were on the wings of a hippogriff.

This family-friendly coaster is perfect for families with smaller children. It’s short and sweet but perfectly exhilarating for everyone’s enjoyment!


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The entrance to Flight of the Hippogriff


The Flight of the Hippogriff ride lasts for a very short 48 seconds.

Wheelchair Accessible

Yes, ask for assistance! For guests who are able to stand and walk a short distance, they will be directed to use the Front of the Line side of the queue to board the ride. For guests unable to transfer as needed, they will be directed to the exit.

Flash Photography and Video Taping Policy

Flash photography and video taping is permitted on this ride. The ride takes place exclusively outside; therefore the use of flash should not be an issue. With that said, we recommend that you exercise caution, as this is a roller coaster! If you plan to use a camera on this ride, make sure you have a good grip or make use of a strap. Just a useful tip: take your camera out right at the beginning for a perfect selfie with your favorite hippogriff!

Height Restrictions

As long as your child is accompanied by an adult, the height restriction for this ride is 39 inches. However, in order to ride without an adult, you must be at least 48 inches tall.

Gate A Entrance

The Gate A entrance to Flight of the Hippogriff is located to the left hand side of the general queue.

Child Switch

Flight of the Hippogriff does not offer a Child Switch option.

Child Friendly?

Flight of the Hippogriff is considered the more child friendly ride option for families. With that said, parents should still exercise some caution as it is still a roller coaster. Read the intensity meter for more specific information.

Intensity Meter

Intensity Meter

Flight of the Hippogriff’s test seat

Overall, we would say that this ride is family friendly for all ages. However, it is still a roller coaster, despite its small size. Because of this classification, it can reach very quick speeds and makes very tight twists and turns that may be too intense for young children. With that said, this ride is very simple and includes many familiar elements from the Harry Potter universe that children and adults, alike, will enjoy.

Most children above the height requirement should enjoy this attraction, but parents should exercise caution.


Is Such a Short Ride Worth the Trip?

Yes and no. If the wait time for this ride is on the shorter side, we would definitely recommend checking it out. For as short as it is, it is equally as exciting! While it may not be a roller coaster you would find at Six Flags Magic Mountain, it is still quick and fun enough to check out if you have the time. However, we would recommend making too much of a fuss over checking out this ride. Given the choice between this and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, we would highly suggest doing the latter instead.

Selfie Time!

Due to its outdoor location, this ride’s queue offers ideal lighting for the perfect selfie. To top it off, there are many familiar elements from the Forbidden Forest that make for a more creative picture opportunity! Perhaps the greatest selfie opportunity is with Hogwart’s favorite hippogriff, Buckbeak! Make sure you have your camera out and ready as you only have one chance to get the famous creature in your picture.

Our Take: From our Editors

This ride is the epitome of the phrase, “Short and Sweet.” Is it possible that this ride can be too short and too sweet?

Kaley Cyrino – Inside Universal Editor

While this ride may be short in duration, and geared towards the younger crowds, I think this ride perfectly fulfills the much needed exhilaration piece that has been absent from the Upper Lot. The ride features very quick speeds and some thrilling twists and turns making it a worthy addition to Universal Studios Hollywood’s selection of rides. Another component I love about this ride is that it’s not motion simulated! You are actually riding a real roller coaster with real wind and real speeds! Even though this ride may be geared towards children, it is definitely going on my list of “Must Visit” attractions whenever I head to the park.

Whether you are a family with smaller children, or a group of die-hard Potterheads, I would definitely recommend checking this out if you have a chance. Being such a quick ride, any sort of line build up will move quickly, and before you know it, you’ll be off and ready to move on with your day. If you need a quick little burst of energy, this is the ride to visit.

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