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Gate A/Front of Line Entrance Guide

Get the ultimate Hollywood experience.

Front of Line and VIP Experience pass holders receive priority boarding and seating to every ride, show and attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood. Learn how to take advantage of your pass by entering through these specially marked entrances to expedite your queuing process.

Upper Lot


WaterWorld’s Gate A entrance is located to the right side of the main entrance. As long as you are clearly wearing your Gate A pass, Universal team members should direct you to a separate queue on the right side. You will enter the arena a few minutes before the standby queue is permitted into the theater.

Once you’ve entered the arena, you should head to the middle section of the crowd stands and look for the team member holding the large Gate A sign. This show provides reserved seating with the best viewing of WaterWorld. Be sure to look for special designated show times during non-peak days for a special behind-the-scenes look at the show.

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem

Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem’s Gate A entrance is located at the entrance of the ride.

Before you enter Gru’s house, you will have a choice of going into the left side of the queue (stand by) and the right side (Gate A). The right side is the Gate A and will greatly reduce your wait time by taking you directly to the first preshow.

Universal’s Animal Actors

Universal’s Animal Actors’ Gate A entrance is located to the left side of the theater’s entrance. As you enter the theater, look for the team member holding the large Gate A sign which is located in the lower left hand side of the stage. Just like WaterWorld, this show has special designated show times that will give you a intimate look at the stars of the show during non-peak days.

Shrek 4D

As you approach the Shrek 4D entrance, look for the Gingerbread Man sign with a Gate A entrance right next door. This special pathway will lead directly to the main preshow room. Reserved seating is not provided.

Special Effects Show

As you enter the Special Effects Show main holding area, head left into the special Gate A queue. Once inside the theater, head towards the center below the control booth where you’ll find reserved seating. Be sure to look for the team member with the large Gate A sign in case you have trouble finding the proper section.

The Simpsons Ride

The Gate A entrance for The Simpsons Ride is located to the far left of the giant Krusty head. As you approach the left side, you will enter a small queue designed for Gate A and Child Switch pass holders. Head directly to the end of the queue, and a team member will direct you into the first preshow room.

The Studio Tour

As you walk towards The Studio Tour entrance, follow the Gate A signs along the left side of the entrance. Go down the escalator and make a sharp left. A team member will scan your Gate A pass and direct you to the Gate A queue.

Lower Lot

Jurassic Park: The Ride

To find the Gate A entrance, proceed under the arch and as you make your way towards the queue. As you approach the main pathway, look for the Gate A entrance on your left hand side. Have a team member scan your pass and proceed to the next turnstile. From there, a Universal team member will direct you to a specific row.

Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride

Enter through the archway and proceed straight ahead until you come to the attraction host. From there, they will scan your pass and ask you to proceed through a special queue that will allow you to skip the standby line. This will significantly reduce your wait time.

Transformers: The Ride – 3D

There are three queues to choose from as you approach the ride’s main entrance. Be sure to show your pass and you will enter through the center queue which takes you directly to the loading station. As you head down the pathway, you’ll encounter a Universal team member who will direct you to the appropriate row on the ride vehicle.