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Best burgers in town.

Inspired by the film American Graffiti, Mel’s Diner serves a mean burger.

The Rundown

» Location: Across from Universal Plaza, French Street Bistro and Theater Cafe.

» What do they serve?: Burgers, chicken sandwiches, chilli dogs, cheese fries, milk shakes, root beer floats, pies, onion rings and salads.

» Pricing: Cheap to fair. French fries are $1.99 USD while a burger will run about $11.99 USD.

» Our take: A fan favorite, Mel’s Diner serves excellent fast-food fare at decent prices. Themed after the 60s, Mel’s is the place if you’re looking for a good burger. In fact, we’d go as far as to say to ignore the park’s other dining options.

Fitted with relatively spacious indoor (and outdoor) dining, Mel’s is perfect if you’re looking for a calm, 60s vibe. Seating is plentiful around the restaurant (including in front of the venue, Universal Plaza and Parisian Courtyard) and service is relatively quick – with multiple exit stations to expedite flow. It’s one of the better tasting venues at Universal, so be sure to check Mel’s out if you want a grab of bite.


» Mel’s 1/2 lb Premium Burgers (served with fries and coleslaw): The Mel’s Deluxe (with cheese, pickles, tomato and Mel’s signature sauce), The Mega Burger (fried onions, pickles, tomato, and Mel’s Special Melted Cheese Sauce), The Grilled Cheese Burger (served grilled cheese sandwich style with pickles, tomato and Mel’s Signature Sauce).

» Mel’s Specials: Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Tenders (served with fries or a small salad), Chicken Caesar Salad or a Turkey Leg Plate.

» Mel’s Shakes, Floats & Desserts: Mel’s Milk Shakes (with the choice of chocolate, vanilla, swirl or strawberry), Root Beer Float, Individual Apple Crumb Pie and Assorted Desserts.

» Mel’s Sides: Chili Cheese Fries, French Fries, Onion Rings, Garden Salad or a Kid’s Meal (includes Mel’s Cheeseburger Jr. or Chicken Tenders served with Apple Sauce, Cookie and a Kid’s Drink).