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Moe's Tavern

Hello, Moe’s Tavern. Birthplace of the Rob Roy.

Step into the classic Springfield watering hole that Homer Simpson calls his second home. Moe’s is a recreation of the famous bar in the classic cartoon The Simpsons.


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The entrance to Moe's

Moe’s Tavern is located on the right-hand side of Springfield surrounded by Krusty Burger and Cletus’ Chicken Shack. Moe’s Tavern is also directly across from Duff Brewery.


Flaming Moe

Moe’s Signature specialty. Orange soda with actual bubbling smoke in a special take home cup. Non-Alcoholic.

Duff Beer

An American style amber lager with roasted malt and hints of caramel.

Duff Lite

A light pilsner, golden in color and smooth in taste.

Duff Dry

Toasted dark ale, full bodied, slightly fruity. Only available in bottles.

Buzz Cola

Cherry flavored diet cola.

Shock Top

Spiced Belgian-style white ale with orange, lemon and lime peels, finished with coriander.

Coors Light

Light beer with subtle hints of apples and bananas with a slight bitterness.

Mixed Drinks

Moe’s also offers a limited selection of liquor for simple mixed drinks.

Bagged Snacks

Chips, pretzels, and beer nuts.


Is Al there? Last name Coholic!

Check out the phone at the end of the bar for a special treat! When you pick up the receiver you are treated to a funny line from Bart Simpson in the vein of the classic pranks he used to play on Moe.

Are you a Casanova or a cold fish?

Once you have your drink in hand determine what type of lover you are with the Love Tester. Trust us, it actually works, and it’s free! Just place your hand on the metal sensors and the Love Tester will tell you like it is.

Try the Duff!

The Duff beer is brewed by Florida Beer Company (a company responsible for many beers including Florida Lager and Devil’s Triangle), and is found exclusively at Universal Studios. If you want a recommendation, we prefer the Dry Duff.

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