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Restroom Guide

I need to pee.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Everyone needs to do it, so why not find the best spot? The editors at Inside Universal have compiled a list of restrooms available to guests at Universal Studios Hollywood complete with a bit of commentary and advice. Here’s a list of where to go when you need to go.

Upper Lot

Entrance Restrooms

Entrance Restrooms

Location: The Entrance Restrooms are located to the far right of the main entrance – near the VIP kiosk

Description: Due to its location, the Entrance Restrooms are generally unnoticed by guests, therefore creating a clean, quiet, and often empty environment. If you prefer privacy when using the restroom, this is the place to go when outside the park. Other restrooms outside the park along CityWalk are often crowded and messy due to the amount of traffic those bathrooms tend to see. The Entrance Restrooms are a nice alternative to the other restrooms located outside the park.

Editor’s Choice: There are a number of reasons why this restroom has earned the title of “Editor’s Choice.” As mentioned already, this is arguably the cleanest and least busy restroom on Universal Studios Hollywood’s property. Perhaps it goes unnoticed because it’s shoved off to the side, but for whatever reason, guests seem to miss this area completely – another reason why the Entrance Restrooms received “Editor’s Choice.”

Insider Tip: Use this restroom prior to entering the park! The nearest restroom once you enter the park is located by WaterWorld and it is almost always overloaded with people.

WaterWorld Restrooms

WaterWorld Restrooms

Location: The WaterWorld Restrooms are located on the left of the walkway as you approach WaterWorld’s entrance.

Description: The WaterWorld Restrooms are just like your typical bathroom. Fairly crowded throughout the day, and practically unmanageable directly after WaterWorld performances, this restroom is not exactly a pleasant environment. Due to the high amount of traffic this bathroom sees, it is also not the cleanliest.

If possible, avoid this bathroom at all costs, especially after a performance of WaterWorld. While it may appear to be a big walkway, this area quickly fills with families, VIP Experience groups, and International Tour Groups, making it absolutely miserable to navigate through. If you really have to go, keep in mind that WaterWorld has a running length of 15-20 minutes, so plan accordingly.

Insider Tip: Ladies, head to the stalls at the very end. These restroom stalls tend to be the least frequented, and therefore, the most clean throughout the day.

Baker Street Restrooms

Baker Street Restrooms

Location: Tucked discreetly inside the Baker Street facades, the Baker Street Restrooms are hidden beneath the Strand Hotel’s façade between Mulligans Pub and Smyth’s Piano Service.

Description: Conveniently hidden within the Strand Hotel’s façade, the Baker Street Restrooms see moderate to low crowds throughout the day. Like the Entrance Restrooms, these restrooms tend to go unnoticed by guests making it one of the more private and cleanly restrooms on the Upper Lot. This is the restroom to check out if you find yourself needing to go while on the Upper Lot.

Editor’s Choice: There are many features that make these restrooms worthy of being called “Editor’s Choice.” For one, it is likely the most cleanly and most private bathroom located inside the park due to the low amount of guests that frequent it throughout the day. It is also one of the larger bathrooms on the Upper Lot, making it a convenient location to head to, even on crowded days. Finally, it is conveniently located near Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, which is one of Universal Studios Hollywood’s most popular rides. Its close proximity is ideal for when you’ve got to go but you’re stuck in a long line. Just hop out of line, run over to the almost always empty Baker Street Restrooms, and jump back in line in just a matter of minutes!

Insider Tip: Some of the sinks in these restrooms have a little silver step stool underneath. Just push it down, and your child can wash his or her hands on his or her own without the help of mom or dad!

Universal’s Animal Actors Restrooms

WaterWorld Restrooms

Location: The Universal’s Animal Actors Restrooms are conveniently located within the queue waiting area to the right and left sides of the Universal’s Animal Actors entrance.

Description: Unlike the WaterWorld Restrooms, the Universal’s Animal Actors Restrooms are fairly large, causing wait times to be short, even after a show. Despite its convenient location on the Upper Lot, these restrooms tend to go unnoticed unless guests are waiting for the next Universal’s Animal Actors show. The moderately high capacity combined with low crowds make for a fairly cleanly restroom throughout the day.

While these restrooms aren’t as preferred as the Baker Street Restrooms, these come in a close second. It’s moderately large capacity and generally low crowds make for an ideal restroom experience, especially when in a rush. It is also a convenient location practically in the center of the Upper Lot. It is easily accessible from Sprinfield, the Universal Plaza, and Super Silly Fun Land. On top of all that, there’s even a water fountain located just outside!

Insider Tip: Ladies, keep walking! As you first enter the restroom, it only appears that the first set of stalls are all there is. However, if you keep walking, you’ll find a whole other set of stalls practically unused by the rest of the guests! Clean and private, just the way we like it.

If you’re thirsty, there are cold drinking fountains located next to the restrooms. Simply head towards the London Underground subway sign, and you’ll see a pair of fountains for your use.

Springfield Restrooms

Springfield Restrooms

Location: The Springfield Restrooms are tucked to the left at the intersection of Springfield and the Studio Tour entrance.

Description: While the restrooms may be large, the entrance is always overcrowded and sometimes unbearable. Not only does this restroom fill with guests entering and exiting the Studio Tour, but it also sees much of the Springfield dining crowd and guests exiting The Simpsons Ride. For whatever reason, the tiny hallway leading up to the stalls is consistently filled with people, making for a crowded, hot, and unpleasant experience.

That being said, you’ll want to avoid this restroom at all costs! If you are heading towards the Studio Tour, we recommend making a detour to the Animal Actors Restrooms prior to going down the escalators instead. However, if that is too much out of your way, the Studio Tour Restrooms are still preferred over the Springfield Restrooms, despite its fairly recent update.

Insider Tip: There are more restrooms on the other side! The restroom is situated in a U-Shape; however with the entrance as it is, many guests don’t know that the other side is there, causing the backup in the tiny hallway. If you must use this restroom, go to the other side first! It’s almost always empty, and these stalls tend to be the cleanest.

Studio Tour Restrooms

Studio Tour Restrooms

Location: The Studio Tour Restrooms are located to the right of the Studio Tour plaza as you head down the escalators.

Description: They may be small but they are mighty! Built as a means of alleviating the crowded Springfield Restrooms located upstairs, these restrooms are used almost exclusively by Studio Tour guests. As a result, these restrooms see a steady stream of guests throughout the day. Surprisingly, these restrooms are more manageable than the Springfield Restrooms above. Situated on an upper platform, groups can wait for their friend or family member just below in a wide area with plenty of seating, making a potentially crowded area seem not so crowded. On top of that, these restrooms are cleaned frequently throughout the day. Therefore, despite its high traffic, the stalls are usually clean.

We highly recommend that you make sure to use the restroom before you head in line for the tour! The queue can reach long wait times and the tour generally lasts about an hour, so there is a long timeframe where using the restroom is either inconvenient or impossible. As we mentioned in the Springfield Restroom profile, we recommend using the Universal Animal Actors Restrooms prior to heading over in this direction. However, these ones are manageable and are likely your best bet if you need to use the restroom both before and after you take the tour.

Lower Lot

Studio Tour Restrooms

Location: The Jurassic Park Restrooms are located in between Jurassic Park: The Ride and the Character Shop on the Lower Lot.

Description: If you need to use the restrooms and you’re in the Lower Lot, the Jurassic Park Restrooms are your only choice. While there is not much need for more than one restroom on the Lower Lot, these restrooms, being the only available restrooms, leads to tons of people frequenting this restroom throughout the day. With that said, however, this restroom is conveniently the largest restroom in the park, which means there is almost always no wait.

However, despite the large amounts of guests that go through this restroom, the staff does a great job of keeping it clean. While you may not get a ton of privacy here, you can feel confident that you are in a clean environment.

Insider Tip: Parents beware! Due to the high crowds and large size of these restrooms, it is easy to get separated from your children. We recommend creating a meeting space just outside the restroom in the event that you do get separated, thus eliminating any cause for concern.