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Shrek 4D

The second happiest totalitarian dictatorship on earth.

Shrek 4D is an immersive 3D experience that combines lighting effects, water, air and synchronized motion in the form of moving seats.

Shrek 4D takes place between the first and second movie. So with the perspective in mind: Shrek and Fiona – fresh after the first film – are just about to enjoy their honeymoon when the evil-little-man-tyrant Lord Farquaad makes a ghostly return.


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Lord Farquaad's CCTV


Shrek 4D is 15 minutes long.

Wheelchair Accessible

Yes, ask for assistance. Stationing seating is located in the back of the theater.

Flash Photography and Video Taping Policy

Prohibited. This is a movie-based attraction.

Height Restrictions


Gate A Entrance

The Gate A – or Front of Line – entrance can be found next to the show’s main entrance. Simply display your pass to a Universal team member and you’ll receive priority access to the show.

Child Friendly?

Kids of all ages should enjoy this film.

Strolling Parking

Stroller parking is located near the entrance of the attraction.

Intensity Meter

Intensity Meter

Probably one of the more child-friendly attractions within the park, Shrek 4D is almost like your typical movie theater experience. As with most movie theaters, Shrek 4D contains loud noises and dark spaces which may prove to be uncomfortable to younger guests. The film itself is very tame, and should be fine for all ages.


Shrek 4D Theater Seating

Shrek 4D seating

As you gather into the preshow, you’ll be separated from the main auditorium by a series of doors. Doors on the farthest left lead into the back of the theater, while doors on the farthest right will lead to the front. For those that require stationary seating, seats are available in the back of the auditorium marked by green covers. Simply queue to the left side of the preshow room as you prepare to enter the theater.

As you enter the main theater, please be sure to move to the farthest seat in your row. Believe us when we say that each and every seat provides the same experience, so there’s little need to stop mid-way through. This ensures everyone a seat.


Shrek 4D runs continuously throughout the day unlike most other scripted shows at Universal. As a result, feel free to see Shrek 4D at your latest convenience – though like most attractions, wait times typically peak in the mid-to-late afternoon.

Best Seats

Every seat is fine, though if you’re picky like we are, you might find that the center aisle provides the most balanced view. Stationary seating is located in the back of the arena.

Our Take: From our Editors

A 4D show, Shrek 4D extends the Shrek franchise in a multi-sensory experience.

Jon Fu – Inside Universal Editor

I’ll be honest with you: Shrek 4D is probably my least favorite attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood (and while we’re at it, Universal Studios Florida, Universal Studios Japan and especially at Universal Studios Singapore).

It’s not that the show itself is particularly mediocre. In fact, by its own genre, it does what it needs to do relatively well (that is, provide fans of the Shrek franchise an extension of their favorite characters in yet another “unique” setting). First timers and children especially seem to like Shrek 4D because of its inclusive, child-friendly nature – and in the end, what’s not to love? It’s a family friendly 3D show, and if you haven’t experienced it I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Having said that (and again, this is from the perspective of an enthusiast and not a typical theme park guest), Shrek 4D brings absolutely nothing new to the table in terms of theme park innovation or experience. If you’ve ever seen a “4D” film that involves seat movements, water effects and leg-ticklers, you’ve seen Shrek 4D. And if you haven’t, you can actually purchase Shrek 4D at your local video store (which some postulate is the result of the botched acquisition of DreamWorks at the hands of Universal) – sans the moving chair and spitting frogs of course.

Shrek 4D isn’t mediocre in its own right, but its faults are simply exacerbated in a park that suffers from a low-attraction count like Universal Studios Hollywood.

Add to the fact that the film does not have the same continuity as the rest of the Shrek franchise (which is probably exacerbated by the release of four Shrek films) leaves some guests who are familiar with the Shrek story line scratching their heads. Factor in the obnoxious seat shaking, water spitting and unnecessary exposition-laying that you find in the preshow and you’re ultimately left with a dud in the eyes of many, many Universal fans.

Again, Shrek 4D isn’t mediocre in its own right, but its faults are simply exacerbated in a park that suffers from a low-attraction count like Universal Studios Hollywood. In any other park, Shrek would be fine, but in Hollywood we can’t be too lenient. After all, there needs to be a reason why an attraction continues to persist. Unfortunately for us, we can’t find that reason for Shrek 4D.

With that said, first timers should absolutely ignore what I just said and see the film. It’s a fun and enjoyable experience for most first-time guests and you can consider what I just wrote a mild-tantrum at the hands of a fan. For fans or repeat visitors, I wouldn’t even bother. It might be more worthwhile to revisit your favorite restrooms or strike a conversation with a rock (or as Donkey might put it – boulder).

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