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Silly Swirly

I believe I can fly!

Fly high above Super Silly Fun Land aboard your very own bug in a recreation of the famous sea side theme park seen in Despicable Me. This is the only attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood that gives you the power to control the flying height of your buggy!


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The entrance for Silly Swirly


Silly Swirly lasts about 2 minutes long.

Wheelchair Accessible

Yes, ask for assistance. You will need to transfer from wheelchair to the ride vehicle.

Flash Photography and Video Taping Policy

Photography and videotaping is permitted during the ride. However, due to the height, speed and constant movement guests should make sure all equipment and body parts are inside the vehicle at all times.

Height Restrictions?

Silly Swirly has no height requirement. However, guests under 48” must be accompanied by a supervising companion.

Child Friendly?

Yes! Silly Swirly is a fun ride for all. Much in the same vein of Disneyland’s Dumbo attraction, kids have the ability to control the height of the ride vehicle. With that in mind, the ride’s proximity to the edge of Super Silly Fun Land may cause some minor anxiety for those who have a fear of heights.

Stroller Parking

Stroller parking can be found at the back of Super Silly Fun Land, next to Super Silly Stuff.

Intensity Meter

Intensity Meter

Silly Swirly is child friendly. With that being said, those prone to motion sickness, heights and spinning in circles may find this ride unsuitable.

…and as we mentioned above, Silly Swirly’s close proximity to the edge of Super Silly Fun Land allows for some spectacular – if not somewhat daunting – views of the San Fernando Valley.


Silly Swirly Seating

Silly Swirly contains twelve vehicles with each vehicle holding between 1-3 guests per car. Generally speaking, two adults or three children can occupy a single buggy.

Have the number of people in your party ready!

Keep your party together and be prepared to let the team member know how many individuals are in your group. Be aware that even though the car may sit as many as three people, you would only want to have a maximum of two adults in one car. Do remember that small children should sit towards the farthest from the entrance of the vehicle.

Personal belongings may be kept between your feet

Personal items can be placed between your feet on the floor of the ride vehicle.

Our Take: From our Editors

Jonathan Green – Inside Universal Editor

While Silly Swirly is nothing new or inventive, one may argue that spinner of this nature doesn’t need to be. This attraction provides a great excuse to rest your feet and soar high above Super Silly Fun Land. With the Despicable Me soundtrack buzzing in the background, Silly Swirly is a downright fun – if not simple – experience.

Few attractions bring the kid out of all us like Silly Swirly does.

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