Studio Souvenirs

Editors’ note: Studio Souvenirs closed on September 3, 2013. This is an archive of the original shop profile while the store was in operation.

The premiere store for Studio Tour related merchandise.

Studio Souvenir features special and unique merchandising related to the world famous Universal Studio Tour. From Kong King plushies to Hollywood-specific apparel, this is your go-to shop for anything Tour-related.

The Rundown

» Location: Directly in front of the Studio Tour entrance.

» Products: Shirts, stuffed-animals, picture frames, cups and movie posters.

» Our take: Despite its rather small size, Studio Souvenirs is one of the premiere shops at Universal Studios Hollywood. Selling special tour related merchandise that you won’t find anywhere else, be sure to make a stop by this shop before you leave the park. After all, where else can you get a stuffed King Kong animal hugging a tram?

» Worth a visit?: Absolutely. From Kong, to Psycho, to Jaws, this store is the only place for tour merchandise. They even sell Tramtastic Day shirts, inspired by the song of the same name sung by Jimmy Fallon at the end of the tour – well, when the guides actually let the song play that is… This is another shop that carries California and Hollywood merchandise as well. It’s worth a visit for the specialty tour items alone.