Over the past month, Universal has taken to it’s official Facebook and Twitter to give Horror Night fans a glimpse as to what’s coming for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights event. They have mailed cards to “lucky” winners, offered sneak peeks into houses, and let visitors to the official website “take a chance” with games and it all culminates to tonight’s big reveal on the official website where we all learn what awaits us this year.

Let’s take a look at all the cards, hints and pictures Universal has offfered us as we gear up for tonight’s full reveal.

Here are the full set of the 5 cards that Universal sent out to fans and media, each with a different quote, or proverb. Each card that was sent out got more bloodier, and more destroyed.

On Halloween Horror Night’s Facebook page, they offered guests a sneak peek at each of their 8 houses. They also teased a few images of this year’s icon, Lady Luck.

Now with the full reveal only hours away, Universal has offered a last clue asking fans to “Just Wait…”


Stay Tuned to Orlando United, because at 11:30pm tonight, we will know all the information concerning this year’s Horror Nights. Make sure to join us in our Chat Room at 11:00pm as we await what Lady Luck has to offer.