Last night, Universal Orlando held Halloween Horror Nights Employee Preview. Orlando United was able to make it out and check out the event. We tweeted throughout the night giving and gave our followers the chance to tweet back at us and talk about the event. Here is a recap from last night.

  • The In Between: Highly disorienting with some of the best 3D to see at a haunt event.
  • Nevermore: Was genuinely one of the best haunted houses that we have seen.
  • Saws N Steam: Fun house, some parallels to Bioshock.
  • H.R. Bloodengutz: Like Silver Screams with Holidays. Thanksgivings scene had some cool effects and press the red button.
  • The Thing: Highly surreal, felt like you were actually in Outpost 31 and not a theme park.
  • Nightingales: Is going to get given another shot. Needs more time to digest.
  • Foresaken: Did not do it for me. Hope that changes.
  • Winter’s Night: Just great, blew us away. Kind of a Body Collectors 2 feel.

Bits and pieces: Chainsaws in 7, Grown Evil reminded us of Harvest of Souls, atmosFEAR is better overall.

Overall a highly enjoyable event, many improvements overall.