Ladies and Gentleman, here it is… if you can stomach it.

The shortest lasting, most expensive, and most rediculous show ever conceived by the minds of Universal.  Not to say that the actors weren’t trying (I give them some credit for stepping onto the stage with this material).  It was nice to see that the show did not take itself seriously (“Dios mio, this is like some horrible monster movie” “Or a horrible monster musical!”). However, I don’t think a theme park crowd understood the message which the show was attempting to portray. They first attempted to pitch this to a “teenage audience” with some risque language and innuendos. The first sign that this show was doomed was when they removed most of the innuendos in favor of a more family friendly show (Hello! – Family theme park!). No matter what they could possibly do, this show was met with horrible criticism and was only becoming a favorite with the employees and not the true annual pass holder. You try working this show day after day and soon you will start to like it as well!

This show replaced the doomed Fear Factor Live and operated for only a few months in the summer of 2009.  When the show went on hiatus during the Halloween time of year to make way for a redress of Bill and Ted’s Show for Halloween Horror Nights, there was a performance where a pyrotechnic effect caught a portion of the set on fire.  Needless to say that fire code prohibits flammable materials built on indoor sets and following the large 4 alarm fire on the Studio Backlot in 2008, this was a big deal and the show was closed permanently.  Today, Special Effects Stage now is located in this theater formarly known as the Castle Theater. If you look closely, some of the props from Creature have been used as props and set pieces in the Special Effects Stage show.

-Original Music
-Nice set
-This show lasted for only 3 months

-No interest from an audience in 2009
-Love Story???
-It’s a Musical!
-Promoted for a teenage audience
-Teenagers want thrill rides, not love story musicals from a film over 50 years ago!
-Why is the Today Show involved with this???
-Watch the videos below… need I go on?