TicketsDisney Parks has introduced “in-demand” season pricing, effective February 28, 2016.

Officially referred by Disney as “Dynamic Pricing” – Disney will divide the calendar into value, regular and peak periods, with an 8-11 month calendar available for viewing online.

A one-day park ticket at the Magic Kingdom during a Value period will stay at current levels of $105 – but tickets during Regular season days will rise to $110. Peak Season Tickets will cost $124. Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom one-day tickets will be $97 for Value, $102 for Regular and $114 for Peak.

So what are the different seasons?

Value season is usually when they expect the lightest crowds, usually mid-week during the school year or right after holiday and school breaks. Regular days would include weekends or times right before popular travel times. Peak season includes spring break, most days in the Summer, and the last couple weeks of the Holiday Season in December.

The new pricing does not affect multi-day tickets, however the prices has risen for each multi-day pass.

The idea of demand pricing is new to theme parks,  but not for other realms of travel. Hotels and cruise lines have used similar systems for years; basing prices and offers on popularity, demand, and availability.