The Seven Seas Food Festival is back at SeaWorld Orlando. Each Saturday and Sunday from February 17 to April 15, the festival will allow guests to enjoy a selection of 70 craft brews, and 50 wines and spirits.

SeaWorld Orlando held previews last Thursday night for us to try out some of the delicious food and drink they’ll be serving at this year’s festival.

While we have no complaints about the food in general, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorite dishes that we tried.

The best bite, hands down, goes to the Cinnamon slow roasted pork belly. If we had the choice, we could’ve eaten more – but needed to save room for many of the other choices, including dessert. Served at the Caribbean market booth near Voyagers Smokehouse, the dish comes with a sweet plantain mash and red wine reduction – which compliments the pork belly very well. If you’re a fan of the delicious taste of straight pork fat, this is stop #1 for you.

A new booth this year is the German marketplace, fittingly located near the Pretzel Kitchen. We had our eye on this booth due to the several items that they were serving. Of the 4 items available, we ordered 3 – the wiener schnitzel slider, the pretzel wrapped bratwurst, and the chocolate dipped footlong pretzel and were satisfied with each bite. A word of caution: The chocolate dipped footlong pretzel is very filling. We would recommend saving it for dessert if you aren’t one with a big appetite.

As a huge fan of Asian cuisine, I cannot recommend the Char Siu Bao enough. It was my favorite dish until having the pork belly. The dish is steamed pork served in a bao bun, accompanied with gingered grilled pineapple and hoisin sauce.

Finally, we come to the most important part of any meal – dessert. Our choice easily was the banana foster cheesecake cone. Available in the North Atlantic market, the dessert is exactly how it sounds – a banana and caramel cheesecake inside a waffle cone. We do have to give a shoutout to the dark chocolate Guinness mousse parfait at the Mediterranean market. It’s a definite try for chocolate lovers.

Of course, the path you take is up to you – but these were the standouts during our preview. As food and dessert connoisseurs*, we feel pretty confident you’ll enjoy our choices as well.  We do recommend that you do purchase a Seven Seas Sampling Lanyard.  With 5, 8 or 15 item Sampling Lanyards, you can choose an assortment of options without having to whip out your wallet each time.

SeaWorld’s Seven Seas Food Festival begins at select markets around the park at 11:00 am, with all locations in full operation by 12:00 pm.

The Seven Seas Food Festival is included with park admission – including the festival’s concerts and performances at Bayside Stadium. Featured performers will be announced soon.

*Based on nothing except the opinion of ourselves.