Universal Studios Japan is celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Cool Japan, which runs from January 18th until August 25th.
Already announced as the longest Universal Cool Japan ever, the 2019 edition will also be the biggest in the event’s history, the huge event that brings to life the worlds of
Japanese entertainment brands. This year they have made a little change to Cool Japan’s event terms, which now features a “Spring Term” and “Summer Term”.
Spring Term runs from Jan 18th to Jun 23rd and features Detective Conan and Lupin the Third. Summer Term runs from May 31st to Aug 25th and will feature Attack on Titan, Godzilla, Evangelion and Sailor Moon.
These popular brands will be featured in eight attractions, the most in the park’s history.
“Universal Cool Japan” immerses guests in the worlds of internationally admired and “cool” entertainment brands. Universal Studios Japan’s creativity and talent for high-quality reproductions make it possible to design worlds with overwhelming immersion and realism.
During the Press Preview of Cool Japan 2019 on Jan 17th, we experienced “Lupin the Third Car Chase Ride”, which is a virtual reality overlay of Space Fantasy – The Ride.
Previously, the XR Ride has been used for “Carey Pamyu Pamyu XR-Ride”, “Evangelion”, and “Final Fantasy”. The quality of the VR experience has gotten better in its 4th year, matching very well to the Space Fantasy ride system.
In addition, Detective Conan’s “Real Escape Game,” “Park Rally” and an entertainment restaurant experience will return in 2019 with completely new content.