After nearly a year of renovations on the former Camacho’s Cantina, Antojitos Mexican Restaurant officially opened to the public on August 26, 2019. We recently got our first look inside of the new restaurant and a chance to try out some offerings on the new menu that we’ll share with you later on in the article.

For a little bit of backstory, Antojitos is an original restaurant owned by Universal that opened its first location in CityWalk Orlando in 2014. Now, as part of Universal’s dedication to revamping CityWalk Hollywood as well as promoting synergy between the two coasts, many long-time locations in Hollywood continue to shutter and be replaced by their Orlando counterparts – for example, the instance of replacing Hollywood’s Camacho’s Cantina with Orlando’s own Mexican restaurant, Antojitos.

In contrast to the authentic Mexican décor of Camacho’s Cantina, Antojitos opts for a more modern look sporting a mixture of rustic elements and vibrant, neon colors. Despite the loss of the leaping water fountain that used to sit just outside of Camacho’s Cantina, Antojitos nevertheless creates an inviting atmosphere for all to enjoy, beginning with the bright mural – painted under an above stairwell – that guests see as they enter the restaurant.

Upon entering through the glass doors, an abundance of neon, loud, energetic music, and a lively bar overwhelm the senses, immediately establishing the restaurant as fitting among CityWalk’s night life. Though Antojitos undoubtedly has a contemporary feel to it, stylistic aspects of traditional Mexican décor remain laced within the modern theming to create something of their own – far different than Camacho’s Cantina – and it works, just as it does in CityWalk Orlando.

Unfortunately, Hollywood’s Antojitos does not offer the acclaimed tableside guacamole, though it nonetheless offers many other tasty items. During our dining experience, we shared the massive nachos and also tried the carne asada tacos; we agreed that both were delicious, though the nachos could easily be split between four – or even more – people. In addition, service was very attentive to both our table and all of those around us, and we received our food in a relatively short amount of time.

After finishing up our meal, we were offered a look at the private dining rooms – subject to availability by reservation. Each room is located on an opposite side of the restaurant and decked with similar theming and decorations, but not without subtle differences between the two to an attentive eye.

Based off of our experience dining at the restaurant, we believe that Antojitos is an overall positive addition to CityWalk Hollywood, offering something for people of all ages to enjoy – whether it be the bright colors, food, or overall welcoming atmosphere.

Below is a photo of both sides of the menu for those interested in prices and offerings:

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