Universal Studios Florida has remodeled the old Terminator 2:3D gift shop, Cyber Image, to coincide with the theme of the upcoming attraction – The Bourne Stuntacular, set to open this Spring – and now features merchandise of the stunt show.

The store is located in Hollywood between the Bourne Stuntacular and the Horror Make-Up show, serving as an exit for both.

A majority of the store features Bourne merchandise, but the beloved Classic Monsters merchandise that debuted last year is located closer to the exit of the Horror Make-Up Show. In addition to the Classic Monsters, merchandise from other properties are available for sale – including Ghostbusters, Psycho, and Jaws.

The Bourne Stuntacular merchandise is pretty straight forward, with shirts, hats, mugs, and jackets available for purchase. A set of pins is also available, including a pin celebrating the eventual Grand Opening of the attraction.