UPDATE 12/5: Good news; Bad News: So it seems Hello Kitty’s time isn’t up just yet. The section reopened with a new floor. From what we understand, this section is still planning to close in due time. With that said, we jumped the gun and wanted to make sure we updated the article.

The Hello Kitty Store has officially closed.

Located between Production Central and Hollywood, the Hello Kitty Store was part of an amalgamated store that included Betty Boop, Funko, and Universal Studios general merchandise.

Curtain blocking off entry to the old Hello Kitty section.

Universal has been slowly removing the Hello Kitty/Sanrio theme and decor in the store for the past few months.

While the section of the store is closed, Sanrio merchandise can still be purchased around the other sections of the shop.

Opening in 2016, the Hello Kitty Store replaced Lucy: A Tribute.

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