Last weekend, wrapped up the return of Season’s Screamings. The first one took place in 2021, because while October was a tad too risky for a big convention, the early December window seemed more favorable. That led to a wintery theme – on top of the usual fun of Midsummer Scream. While the original event returned triumphantly this year, Season’s Screamings also made a return, ushering in that post-Thanksgiving rush of the spooky holiday spirit.

This year it was a much more chill affair. While there was a certain hesitation in the air, literally, back in 2021, this year things made a bit more sense. The Krampus Run returned, and watching them rush around the Pasadena Convention Center made all feel right in the world.

There was a lot of art up to admire all over. Being the mish-mash of the two holidays really allowed the artists there presenting their goods to have a bit more leeway in how they wanted to present themselves.

Everything from just Halloween spooky bath supplies with a touch of a Christmas hat to…

A full-blown Jack-o-lantern and candy corn tree farm.

One of the weird, but appreciated, parts of the Halloween community is that despite all the implied scary facades, it really is a friendly group. This is a good outlet for that.

The Hall of Yuletide Spirits returned as well. It didn’t feel as busy this time around, but everyone had the same energy as if it was jam-packed. For many, that would be considered a good thing, since during the normal Midsummer Scream, it can be difficult to see all the mini-haunts and still have time to do other things. Can it be considered Halloween if we don’t have giant skeletons around?

Going in, it simultaneously felt too soon since Midsummer Scream, yet at the same time, I was so happy to be back, especially with a less hectic crowd. And I think the schedule reflected that. There were still some notable meet and greets, like Keith David, and good presentations, like the History of Sliders, but it obviously was a much more celebratory event, rather than one that prepares everyone for the Halloween season with big announcements and a litany of celebrities.

Also, having it back in the Pasadena Convention Center, the old home for Midsummer Scream, added to the nostalgic feeling.

If it makes a return for 2023, I would hope for some more specialized exhibits akin to its bigger cousin, to help it stand on its own. The Museum of Halloween this year at Midsummer Scream was a labor of love that I wanted to see more of. But it’s still a great way to spend a weekend, nonetheless.

Keep an eye on for any news on the 2023 dates.