From Screamscape

One of our local sources sent in a copy of a neighborhood letter sent out to the residents one the “Hollywood Knolls Community Club”. This is one of those annoying neighbors who set themselves up on the hillside overlooking the Universal backlot, and then complains long and loud about all the noise and commotion going on down there, like it’s a big surprise to them or something. Unfortunately, this time it looks like they’ve chosen to target Halloween Horror Nights, which they describe as being an “ongoing annoyance”.

The letter describes talks with the studio / theme park and has resulted in a noise hotline being set up (manned 24/7) to handle the complaints and as far as HHN goes, they will “elimination of the “Waterworld” segment as well as the ‘Sheet Maze” from the War of the Worlds set. Chain Saw buzzing will also be cut back 60% from the areas closest to Blair Drive (which seems to run as the closest street overlooking the backlot area over War of the Worlds / Psycho House, and everything else on this side of the backlot.)

I feel for the neighbors. I really do. It’s not everyday that a movie studio suddenly pops up in your backyard and starts production. It’s not like these people had any notice beforehand that they would be living next to one of the largest movie studios in the worl…oh wait.

Never mind.