Warning: If you have not ridden the Forbidden Journey, be warned, spoilers are ahead.
According to one of our forum readers, White Rabbit, there is supposed to be an encounter with 20+ dementors towards the end of the scene.

I have been told by numerous Team Members and some technicians on the ride that their are even more dementors in the ride than their are now. They all have said that when your vehicle goes up to the soul sucking dementor, you see your face, and just as your vehicle tilts back into the 3rd carousel, you were supposed to see somewhat of 20+ dementors coming down from the ceiling. They were painted with black light paint, and your vehicle would trigger black lights to come on so you could see them before being in the dome. My friend who works there said that you can still see them there when he walks the catwalks above the ride.

A few other sources have stated that the reason as to why the scene was changed is due to it being deemed to scary by Warner Bros. However, with the props still there, will we be seeing the dementors added at a later time?