Last night, Universal Orlando held their first ever “Tweet-Up” for Halloween Horror Nights and a handful of lucky fans were on hand to get a sneak preview of this year’s event, as well meet some of the creators and masterminds behind the event.

Orlando United was fortunate enough to be in attendance, and we grabbed some pictures of concept art, and confirm some rumors for this year.

  • Winter’s Night will  feature real snow.
  • The In-Between will have an effect like vampires on bungee from Dracula.
  • The Foresaken will have soldiers fighting against the ship mates in the middle of a hurricane.
  • The scarezone 7 will feature changing wardrobe.
  • Acid Assualt will feature 3-D building projection to give the effect of acid rain eating away at the buildings. ” It’s going to transform the landscape via projection.”
  • Hoodies, baseball caps and playing cards confirmed for sale.
  • Another button type feature will be in a house. (a la Pyschoscarepy)
  • Saws N’ Steam will shoot electricity at guests. They did not elaborate more on the effect.
  • The 8 houses are all tied to Lady Luck. They have all met Lady Luck, and unfortunately, they weren’t lucky. The houses represent the after-effects of their encounter.

One thing worth nothing; when asked about the event coming back to both parks, or Islands of Adventure, they responded coyly, but saying it will happen eventually. As for next year’s location, their response was “We don’t know where the event will be…”

Stay tuned to Orlando United has the Opening of Halloween Horror Nights is only a week away and we will be covering all the news and info leading up to opening night.

Oh, and Universal asked fans to pay attention this week, as more info will be coming before Sept 23rd. Could we be getting more info on who Lady Luck really is? Make sure to follow them on Twitter at @UORHHN.