February 10, 2014 – First on Inside Universal – Following our previous update last week, Inside Universal has learned more information regarding the future state of the WaterWorld stunt show.

Now entering its third week in the hands of a new management company, WaterWorld has already seen some alterations in script and pacing. Inside Universal has learned that the stunt show will indeed be undergoing heavy changes in the upcoming months.

The WaterWorld arena is scheduled for a month long refurbishment which will last the month of March. During this time, there will be a 2nd audition period for new cast members, and extensive training for the entirety of the cast. This training period will see the cast old and new adjusting to a different show and a new pool layout.

Currently, a few members of the second and third team have been let go. Many of the long-term veteran actors, such as Greg Dolph (the opening day Deacon). Helena Barrett (Helen), Tim Sitarz (Tiny), and Lon Gowan (Atoller / Smoker) are still with the show at present. It is unknown currently how many of the actors remaining will be with the show after the refurbishment, but chances are currently looking good for the veteran cast.

As for the changes to the show itself, it has been confirmed to us that the show in Hollywood will now resemble the show in Singapore. This includes script changes and the movement of certain show elements.

Clips of WaterWorld from Universal Studios Singapore

One of the most notable changes will be with the Seaplane catapult, which will now occur at the third act of the show. Another notable change will be in the scene where Helen fights with a Smoker atop the zip-line tower. Instead of the one on one fight, Helen will now be chased by up to 5 Smokers, and that scene will now end with a high dive into the water. To achieve this scene, the portion of the pool under that tower will have to be excavated and deepened in the refurbishment.

There are other smaller changes coming to the show, which have not been finalized yet. Sources have stated however that these changes are introducing a new era of sorts for the #1 rated stunt show, which is fast approaching its 19th birthday.

Whether the Singapore version of the show will be received well by Hollywood audiences remains to be seen.

As always, thanks for reading, and please stay with Inside Universal for continuing coverage of this and other stories originating from Universal Studios Hollywood.

Adriana Morgan

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