December 24, 2014 – Well folks, this is it. The big update you all have been clamouring for from Osaka. The one and (close to) only Wizarding World of Harry Potter! There’s a lot of pictures to share, but unfortunately you will have to excuse my lack of Harry Potter knowledge. I’m a huge muggle. Additionally, I may repeat a few images from the last few updates, but this is all to make this as complete as possible. I also strongly encourage you to read part one, part two and part three before going on here.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

P1300593 copy


DSC06905 copy

As you disembark the train to get into the park, they throw the Potter stuff in your face.

DSC06941 copy

When you see this sign, you know this is when it starts to get real.

DSC06962 copy

Like any new attraction at a Universal Park, the tickets are themed to them.

DSC06963 copy

And of course, you must get an entry ticket to get into Hogsmeade. No exceptions. So let’s get one!

DSC06965 copy

Getting into the park requires you to follow fellow aspiring wizards.

DSC06986 copy

At first it seems simple to just follow the posted signs.

DSC06990 copy

You then go with the crowds in that direction.

DSC06991 copy

Right past the entry way.

DSC06995 copy

And then an employee has you turn around at a switchback.

DSC06997 copy

From here, you walk through New York’s Central Park. Not sure what it was before Potter, but now it’s just a queue-land.

DSC06998 copy

It’s a gorgeous area.

DSC06999 copy

You start to realize the size of the crowd at about this point.

DSC07001 copy

I really wish I had a chance to explore more of this area.

DSC07003 copy

So much work was put into it.

DSC07004 copy

The line moves very quickly so you have to be sharp with pictures.

DSC07608 copy

All the plants are marked with famous names.

DSC07610 copy

I honestly have no clue what they mean. Is it a walk of fame?

DSC07619 copy

There wasn’t consistency or information.

DSC07006 copy

Near the end, they basically have everybody split off so only one person needs to be in the group to get the pass. Pretty clever.

DSC07012 copy

Here it becomes a mess where you fight to get a kiosk since there’s just a mess of crowds still.

DSC07013 copy

They give you a choice of a few different return times.

DSC07014 copy

And poof! The tickets are printed!

DSC07015 copy

Golden Tickets. Literally!

DSC07020 copy

Now we just walk out and kill time for the next 9 hours.

DSC07172 copy

I’ll take this time to mention there will be one final update next week. I hope you can guess the theme. It’s a doozy and will easily be the biggest of all of these updates to finish off the year! (For your information, these are guests dressed up for Halloween)

DSC07448 copy

Anyways, thanks to the magic of the Internet, we have now reached our specified return time!

DSC07449 copy

Many folks are impatient and just spend all day here waiting, ignoring the rest of the park.

DSC07450 copy

When your time is ready, you approach that umbrella.

DSC07451 copy

They verify the return time on the ticket and you get excited!

DSC07452 copy

Then you proceed through giant swaths of switchbacks. It’s a lot of walking. Makes you wonder what these are for if there’s a holding pen already.

DSC07454 copy

The lines continue…

DSC07455 copy

It’s not an ugly walkway by any stretch.

DSC07456 copy

But it makes you wonder what is planned…

DSC07457 copy

Very few were going “This Way”

DSC07458 copy

Simply just a line for the photo op with the car.

DSC07459 copy

As you get to the end of the road, you see a lot of selfie sticks. Why?

DSC07461 copy

We’re here!

P1300610 copy

The conductor welcomes everyone.

P1300611 copy

This was getting less pictures than the conductor.

P1300612 copy

Some thought this was real water.

DSC07463 copy

Line for butterbeer in front of Zonko’s

DSC07525 copy

Here are your options.

DSC07464 copy

Continues past Honeydukes.

DSC07465 copy

Details everywhere!

DSC07467 copy

Everything looks new!

DSC07471 copy

“Meet a live owl” is an attraction listed on the map.

DSC07472 copy

There’s so much to take in.

DSC07473 copy

Really just a fantastic job.

DSC07474 copy

But it gives you an eerie feeling that you’re in Florida.

DSC07475 copy

The stage is used for shows like these singing frogs.

DSC07483 copy

A ton of people were watching them.

DSC07486 copy

In the distance is the obvious reason you came here.

DSC07487 copy

Of course, if the ride is too much for you, you can simply just walk through the castle.

DSC07488 copy

It’s a gorgeous site. Let’s go in!

P1300617 copy

Like I’ve stated time and time again on these reports. They really hate cameras. So you have to bear with me as there’s a lack of them in the important spot.

P1300618 copy

Locker layout felt the same. Giant mess of getting in and out.

20141104_155725 copy

Stop me if this feels familiar to some of you.

20141104_155739 copy

This is a way out of the castle. Maybe the first and only open spot in the entire land.

20141104_160051_LLS copy

Phone camera is about all I could sneak on.

20141104_160104_LLS copy

Because the inside queue is split between actual Forbidden Journey riders and the castle walkthrough, you go through fast. Most of your waiting is done outside in the greenhouse.

20141104_160150_LLS copy

These rooms just feel like footnotes.

20141104_160233_LLS copy

This is literally as close as the queue gets to this room. Unless you take the walking tour first, you will not understand any of the story.

20141104_160606 copy

And finally you reach the sorting hat and the ride begins.

P1300619 copy

On exit your group is handed this.

P1300620 copy

It is simply a reminder of the time you got off the ride and helps aid to find your on-ride photo.

P1300621 copy

The store is as packed as you can imagine.

P1300622 copy

Over in the back corner is where you specifically got in line to order your ride photo.

DSC07489 copy

And that basket coaster is there, too. Looked the same.

DSC07490 copy

Only this park will have this lake outside Hogwarts. I don’t see any conceivable way that Hollywood is putting in a lake of this size.

DSC07491 copy

Butterbeer sells out fast.

DSC07492 copy

In the meantime we can go for a wand!

DSC07493 copy

If you can fit into the store.

DSC07494 copy

Remember, a wand picks you, not the other way around, right?

DSC07495 copy

Other store windows.

DSC07496 copy

So clean and new.

DSC07497 copy

Yes. They were trying to escape.

DSC07498 copy

I could take photos for days here.

DSC07500 copy

Same tech.

DSC07501 copy

Good luck getting in there. It just wasn’t worth it trying to squeeze in.

DSC07502 copy

Outside of Olivander’s.

DSC07503 copy

Olivander’s window front.

DSC07504 copy

Madam Puddifoot’s Tea & Cakes! Let’s get closer!

DSC07505 copy

Looks real.

DSC07507 copy

Looks surreal.

DSC07508 copy

Themed bathrooms.

DSC07510 copy

And Dogweed & Deathcap

DSC07511 copy

Hollywood is already catching up to this.

DSC07513 copy

In terms of food, there are a few known options.

DSC07516 copy

Three Broomsticks! Let’s go inside!

DSC07517 copy

Looks yummy! Kind of. Just expensive.

DSC07520 copy

It was packed.

DSC07522 copy

Well, maybe another time.

DSC07523 copy

Maybe the Hog’s Head?

DSC07524 copy

And sadly, that wraps this up. I really hope you saw what you wanted. We’ll be back soon to wrap up this giant trip with Halloween on New Year’s. Hah!

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