January 23, 2015 – Early this morning, the 1-Day Pass on Universal Studios Hollywood’s official website was delisted from the choices of available tickets, leaving the least expensive option as the Buy-a-day-Get-a-Year 2015 pass at $92.

Previously, guests were able to purchase a 1-Day Pass for $92, with an additional $5 discount online, effectively making the ticket price $87 for one day. Existing passholders are still able to purchase 1-Day Passes for friends and family at the reduced rate of $77 on the website, as well as AAA members. Additionally, since the 1-Day Pass was the only ticket with a child discount, that means no such discount is available online anymore, forcing guests between 3 and 9 years old to go to the gate for the $84 ticket.


October 2014 – note the One-Day Pass with the online discount


January 2015 – Universal’s current offeringm

This trend of cutbacks isn’t completely surprising, as 2014 saw a number of cutbacks to the Annual Passholder program. It’s currently unknown if it will return or a different promotion will come to replace it. But in the meantime, the best deal for guests that are only looking to visit the park for one day is to use a AAA card and buy it through their own website.

Chris Glass

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