“Walt Disney World is now selling edible excrement.”

When Zuri’s Sweet Shop opened at Animal Kingdom, the last thing any of us expected was to find “Match the Species” dessert poo on the menu.

But here we are.

I usually don’t have time to write articles – mostly because my hand is always in so many jars with the site that I forget. However when the opportunity comes to be able to respond to my wife when she asks what I’m working on with “I’m writing about shit”, you have to take the jump.

Yes, for $3.99, guests at the Animal Kingdom may have their choice of 4 different “match the species” brownies – Disney wouldn’t dare advertise it as poop – Cotton-tail Tamarin, Giraffe, Elephant, and Hippopotamus. If you’re feeling ballsy, you can satiate your taste buds with a box containing all four.

A box of "poo". Thanks to @thetimtracker.
A box of “poo”delight. Thanks to @thetimtracker.

So what exactly was Disney thinking?

I really don’t know how to answer that. When you stop and think about it, Disney hired someone to not only create poo-brownies, but research it. Again, money was spent to research animal droppings so that Disney can model brownies after it. In all honesty though, I applaud their efforts to think outside the litter box. For the dessert’s lack of visual appeal, it definitely made up for it with creativity. However I do have to question the giraffe poo, which for some reason, sits in a pool of oil. Is this due to giraffe excrement containing vegetable oil in their bowels?

The secret ingredient. © Viacom
The secret ingredient. © Viacom

Somehow I can’t help but wonder if this was a dare. A sort-of ironic metaphor the suits at Disney conjured up during a slow business meeting. A bet that Disney could actually serve crap to its guests, and they will still eat it up.

…and they did.

Kudos, Disney! You’ve managed to captivate your fans and drive them in droves to your park so they can see what this shit-snack was all about. All of “Theme Park Twitter” went into a tizzy when the picture started making the rounds and ask “Wait, is Disney really serving poo-shaped snacks?”.

Coming Soon: Yeti Poo-Brownie Challege  © Universal
Coming Soon: Yeti Poo-Brownie Challenge
© Universal

At the end of the day, it is just a brownie that looks like a turd. Sure, it’s comical, and you really have to question what the hell Disney was really thinking; but no one would bat an eye if it was just another E-Ticket Cupcake. Instead, all of Twitter and theme park message boards are talking about it and it has brought attention to a rather generic addition. Kids can now make memories by using their selfie sticks and hashtag the hell out of their Instagram photos with #poofoodie.

Parks are meant to be fun, and Disney is having fun with it. One has to question the longevity though, as all it takes is for “Little Timmy’s Mom” to complain that her son ate dog excrement thinking it was a delicious chocolate treat. So in the mean time, have fun with it!

I probably still won’t it eat though.