“The Walking Dead” is returning for Halloween Horror Nights 2015. Focusing on the most memorable moments from the latest season of “The Walking Dead,” guests can expect to experience a maze that’s bigger, longer, and more gruesome than ever before.

In the previous years, guests have followed the cast of “The Walking Dead” through some of their most iconic locations including Rick’s hospital, and the prison. Executive producer and special effects makeup supervisor for “The Walking Dead,” Greg Nicotero, and Executive Producer of Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights, John Murdy, and their teams have succeeded in bringing the zombie sensation to life each year with new zombies and new scares.

This year’s theme: “Wolves Not Far” comes from a continuing graffiti message seen throughout Season 5 and coincides with the mutilated walkers frequently found with a “W” carved into their head. The newest group of enemies, the “Wolves,” who see themselves as wolves transformed into men, are set on scavenging, robbing, and murdering with their army of zombies and they have sent them to terrorize our front lot.

While fans are excited to be immersed in the world of “The Walking Dead” one more time, the team over at Halloween Horror Nights has the difficult task of creating a new, scarier, and different maze for fans to experience. John Murdy promises a maze similar in size to the “bigger than ever” maze in Orlando in 2014 with huge scenes and a cast twice as big as years before. To accommodate for the size, he says, “The Walking Dead: Wolves Not Far” will be located on “the empty lot adjacent to our Transformer’s ride,” also known as the previous location of the famously haunted Stage 28. You can read more in Universal’s official press release below.

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