We’re back for this month’s photo update of Universal Studios Hollywood. We’ll be taking a look at the continued transformation of CityWalk Hollywood, construction updates throughout the theme park and movie studio.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

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CityWalk Hollywood

Universal’s food and entertainment district continues its massive transformation as Menchie’s recently opened. In CityFood, the location that housed Flame Broiler continues to sit dormant and no word so far as to what will be replacing it. Moving towards the main gate of the theme park, Mini Monster’s store front is still boarded up. In a bit of a surprise, Ben & Jerry’s recently closed to undergo a remodel of its own.

Park Entrance

Just on the edge of CityWalk by the front gate of the park, part of the flooring was torn up to allow a redo on some piping.  Continuing closer to the front gate, the flooring just to the left of the arch is receiving a new flooring as well.



The former location of Cartooniversal is moving along with much of the work so far involving a lot of underground work. A wall is being built adjacent to the WaterWorld restrooms. The new building will house an animation studio store and the park’s very first family center. Talk has also been that this building will house a Hello Kitty experience.

Potter Nighttime Show

As we announced earlier in the year, Universal Studios Hollywood will be debuting an all-new nighttime show this summer. Projectors have been setup on the roof of Shrek 4D and more will be set up on top of Ollivanders as well. Tree decorations have also been added to most of the trees within the land. The decorations are lights that are made to look like acorns.

Animal Actors

A wall has appeared in front of the right staircase for Animal Actors.


The huge undertaking of the addition of the fourth escalator on the StarWay continues to move forward. The top escalator is furthest along and is in the process of receiving a new roof. The other three are still having the escalators installed. The hope is to have them finished either by summer or fall at the latest.

Halloween Horror Nights

The first sign of Halloween Horror Nights has arrived, as a tent has appeared in the external queue of Revenge of the Mummy. No word as of yet which maze will be housed in this location.

Fire Station 51

Part of the new five year transformation of the Studio and theme park, Fire Station 51 is on the receiving end of an expansion. The outer wall closest to Jurassic Park is being pushed out to create more space.

Soundstages 22-25, 28 and 31

Work is progressing at a fast paced to get the former plot of stages 22-25 ready for theme park expansion. While Universal has not announced anything specifically, one has to wonder when Universal might begin vertical construction.

The stage 28 plot continues to be a spot for parked cars and the stage 31 plot now houses a plethora of construction trailers.

Park Lake/Red Sea

With the removal of the stage in the Lower Lot, Universal will be constructing new stages on the former Park Lake/ Red Sea location. They will be building ten brand new stages and will build two extra if Los Angeles is awarded the 2024 Olympics. Just outside the Park Lake location, large mounds of dirt have been spotted. Could this be to fill the lake once the water has been emptied?

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

The movie posters on the outside of the Revenge of the Mummy ride building have been updated to promote the new Tom Cruise reboot of the Mummy franchise.  And speaking of movie posters, the Universal timeline posters have added more posters to show off their hit films from 2016 and 2017.  Lastly, Old Mexico and Six Points Texas are in the process of receiving a complete refurbishment.

That’ll do it for this month’s photo update. Please continue to follow Inside Universal for continuing coverage of Universal Studios Hollywood and CityWalk Hollywood.