Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando announced all-new scare zones and the return of a fan favorite show.

The Festival of the Deadliest will bring to life some of the most terrifying creatures and horrors as guests will have to endure the torment when “this ghastly collection of madmen and monsters from beyond the veil (as they) have joined together to revel in firelight and create the ultimate afterlife of fright.”

The cult classic horror film Trick ‘r Treat will be making its debut as a scare zone. Fans for years have longed for Universal to bring this iconic film to life and now guests will get their chance to navigate their way through, but beware for Sam will be on the lookout for those who do not obey the rules of Halloween.

Universal’s The Purge will continue it’s annual cleansing in the streets of New York. The mega hit franchise that has given birth to three films and a soon-to-be television will bring back some of the more popular characters from the film, including the victim auction. The film franchise has grossed over $320 million at the world wide box office.

The Altars of Horror will bring the horror from the houses to the streets of Avenue of the Stars. Universal will be taking some of the iconic character’s in this years houses and will allow them to roam near the front gate as guests come into the event.

Invasion! will crash to earth in the San Francisco section of the park as aliens have crash landed and are looking to perform some of their “grotesque experiments” on unsuspecting guests.

Roaming Hordes will bring the idea of scary clowns to life. For years people have a fear of clowns and the “gang of gigglers” have felt in has been unjustified but have now risen from the dead to ensure that they live up to that mentality.

Universal Orlando has also announced that the Academy of Villains: Afterlife will be coming back to Halloween Horror Nights. The all-new version of the show will be performed in the same location as they did last year.

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