One of the more common complaints from fans of Horror Nights past is they miss the old days where they didn’t have to enter a haunted house in a conga line.

Since last night was light on the crowds, Universal Orlando decided to test out “line pulsing” at each house throughout the night.

Line pulsing is when guests are separated into smaller groups to enter a haunted house, usually in groups of 8-10. There are pros and cons to pulsing, with the biggest positive being the feeling of “isolation”, allowing visitors a chance to walk at their own pace through the haunt – but wait times do inflate, as seen last night.

Line pulsing isn’t new for Horror Nights, as the early years of the event allowed guests to enjoy the houses in that fashion. However, that was also when Horror Nights was not as populated with heavy crowds as it is today.

Why was this done? We don’t know yet. It could be just a test for the sake of testing and getting some feedback.

What we do know is that this year’s event has featured many busy weeks with some recent nights being sold-out. It’s no question that Stranger Things has allowed Horror Nights to enter another realm of popularity, and it’s a safe bet we can expect a sequel house next year – so we can also expect some changes to help alleviate how crowds experience the event.

It’s a slow news cycle, but we figured it was worth mentioning. Stay tuned to Inside Universal for all the latest on Universal Parks & Resort.