Today, Annual Passholders were allowed to visit the newly-opened Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida and check out all the merchandise 2019’s event has to offer.

Located in New York, the store has expanded into 3 rooms, each themed to a specific property featured at the event – Ghostbusters, Stranger Things, and Universal Monsters. Guests can pick up shirts, buttons, pins, glassware, and other keepsakes ranging from year-specific merch to all the different properties featured this year. Universal went all-in on the 80’s nostalgia train, featuring some of the best merchandise the event has featured in a long time.

Besides the merchandise, you can find plenty of easter eggs to some of the films, and even to some of the creators of the event.

The store will officially be open to everyone when Halloween Horror Nights begins on Friday, Sept. 6.