Midnight Syndicate has teamed up with Universal Orlando to release a limited-edition “Music of Halloween Horror Nights” album on red vinyl featuring favorite songs from the event, as well as some unreleased material.

The album is being sold in the Horror Nights Tribute Store. The limited-edition run of 500 copies are hand-numbered and pressed on red vinyl for $30+tax.

For more than twenty years, the music of Midnight Syndicate has been a part of Universal Orlando Resort’s Halloween Horror Nights.

In the liner notes of the album, T.J. Mannarino, Vice President of Entertainment Art & Design at Universal Orlando says, “It is difficult to overemphasize how much the music of Midnight Syndicate played in the historic success of Halloween Horror Nights. Our art and design team drew inspiration from the various tracks from many of their albums as we envisioned, created, and produced early websites, attractions, scare-zones, and haunted houses.

The vinyl is already sold out of its current stock, and it is unknown when more will become available. Universal continues to release limited-edition memorabilia at the Tribute Store, and we’re sure this won’t be the last. Photos courtesy of our good friends @drubov and @CraftyAshley_