If the spooky decorations in the window are any clue, Knott’s is getting ready for the Halloween season! And today we’ll be covering a unique look at what will be coming in just a few short weeks down on the farm.

Beyond the adorable window displays, the main attraction is focused around the food, merchandise and art offerings this year during Spooky and Scary Farm at Knott’s.

Considering how many years they’ve been regularly doing the art shows, it’s impressive to see the constant creativity and beauty on display every year. Most of these original pieces are up for sale, and prints are also available, but some sell out quickly.

And yes, that’s black velvet. You don’t see that every day, do you? DO YOU?Also, people have used this as an opportunity to make their work into a series. Seen here, Sam Carter has now made a second coffin-shaped submission to Scary Farm. Might be a good time to start that collection. After previewing just some of the art, we got to sit down and see a sampling of the food that was to come this year. It was a banquet hall like no other.

First up was the Angry Autumn Salad, featuring a mixture of butternut squash, beets, pomegranate seeds, goat cheese and arugula. It was a nice combination of sweet flavors.

The frog leg gumbo is not necessarily new, but a new combination. In the past, they’ve offered gumbo and frog legs individually, but this year they made the choice to merge the two together into a very logical dish. What followed was a quicker sampling of four more items. The Mexican Chorizo Shrimp Slider surprised a few since it still had a beef patty. The mac n cheese with steak bits was also good. Despite the scary presentation, the sushi was great and the calamari on a stick worked out well.Finally came deserts. The macaron was far far richer than I expected. There’s no shame in trying to share it. The skeleton bone cookie and pecan pie brownie bomb were much less There were other cute cookies on display that will also be available during the season. We usually try to pick one up during each visit.  This is more akin to the actual presentation of the calamari in regards to how it will be served in the park as a larger portion. At Strictly on a Stick, of course. This year features three different funnel cakes. One of banana fosters, one of smore’s, and one of pumpkin pie cheesecake. While we recommend them all, we don’t recommend them all on the same night. Particularly for me, I’m dying to try the Halloween M&M Cookiewich. It just seems like overkill in a good way.There’s a lot of food items we didn’t cover here, so keep an eye out around the park for even more. But beyond that, the stores will have new snacks and merch, too.

The Spooky Farm shirts are always nice, especially for families to wear together. The mazes and scare zones all have hats this year. Given how the Hollow, Dark Ride and Pumpkin Eater are going away, it’s your one and only chance to get these.This year the shirt design is a bit mixed up, focusing all around the new Grimoire maze. I like the new style.Of course, for others, there’s Spirit Jerseys. If you can’t help yourself, they’re yours for the taking. The big deal this year was the new tiki mug. Straight from Tiki Farm themselves, there’s 2000 of these, split between online and sold at Cordy’s in the park. They’re sure to be in high demand, so don’t wait if you have a chance to get one.And this is only a small tease of what’s offered this year during the Halloween season at Knott’s. There’s still a lot more to uncover, like the new shows and mazes at Scary Farm, and all the fun of Spooky Farm, where the ghouls haunting Calico will make their return this year!

Knott’s Scary Farm begins September 22nd and runs select nights through October 31st. Separate admission from daytime operations. Spooky Farm begins September 29th, and runs weekends with additional days through October 31st and is included with park admission. Tickets available now at Knotts.com