The Peanuts Celebration is back to kick off 2024 at Knott’s. Let’s see how the year is rolling out!

After putting away all the Merry Farm decorations, the park gets a light coating for the next few weeks as we’re in a, typically, low-key time prime for construction and refurbishment of popular summertime attractions, like the log ride.

The Wagon Camp is lacking the Billies right now, but there’s still other entertainment to be found around the park. After seeing garlands and shops everywhere for a few months, it’s nice to have breathing room back as you walk around.The Dress Shop has reopened as the front for a secluded entrance to a lounge reserved for the new Cedar Fair Prestige Pass. However, the shop isn’t completely overhauled, yet. So keep an eye on this spot as it’ll get back to its old lived-in style soon enough. Town Hall is host to an exhibition during this time, and this year it’s for Franklin! And, as a matter of fact, that’s exactly where you can meet him this year!

They’ve really filled out the area with a lot of comic strips and details about the history of the Peanuts “straight man.” It’s definitely worthwhile to step in here. There’s also a little crafts table to draw your own comic, if you feel so inclined.Food is always important at events, and at Knott’s, even more-so. While we have the usual selection of some peanut butter-inspired items, this year, they branched out into some courageous territory.

It’s Mac & Cheese! Bear with me for a second as I explain how we got here. “Peanuts Celebration” has the word “peanuts” in it, so we had a lot of food items with peanuts in them, including some PB&J selections. PB&J items are a staple of kids foods, and because the Peanuts gang are all kids, what else also is a popular kids item? That’s right. Mac & Cheese! So we have a cheeseburger laden with macaroni, cheese, and a pretty good burger sauce. Over at the Boardwalk BBQ, they have a ham and pineapple mix as one of the entrees. And there’s a lot more to be found, including some mac & cheese on top of a pancake breakfast, if you so dare. Why not? Go for it. While Camp Snoopy is getting some upgrades, that leaves most of the entertainment on the other side of the park. The big daytime show is “It’s Your Life, Charlie Brown” which serves as a callback to all of Charlie’s friends and acquaintances as if he was near the end of his life, for whatever reason. The songs are fun and campy and it goes by pretty quickly. It’s nice to see a show not entirely focused around Snoopy. Around the fountain nearby is a Roaring 20s-themed dance party. All the characters that appear are in appropriate get-ups. Keep in mind, this is primarily a dance party, and not a photo op. While you can take photos, you’ll be more encouraged just to dance and have fun. Over at the smaller stage, they have games throughout the day that are fun distractions. No prizes, just simple pleasures. Between games, the characters do pose for photos.Pig Pen has taken over the barn as usual in Ghost Town, and of course, adorable little piggies are taking all the attention. In the Bird Cage Theater, they have classes that teach you how to draw different Peanuts characters, and alternate with a fun (AND DIFFICULT) trivia game show.Once night falls, the Jelly of the Month Club holds their concert, playing their infectiously fun songs alongside puppets, videos, and a lot of theatrics. It’s a great way to wrap up the day at the farm.

As mentioned earlier, Camp Snoopy is undergoing a lot of work. To help make it memorable, badges will be given out throughout the next few months, with the Huff & Puff one already distributed a few weeks ago. Quite a few memorable attractions have been retired, so a lot is riding on these upgrades. It’s quite extensive. Meanwhile, in Fiesta Village, Montezooma’s Revenge is still in limbo with no date announced. All in all, it’s a fun event focused on kids and family fun that runs every day through February 25th, although the concert is only on select nights. Check the schedule and buy tickets at