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Universal's Animal Actors

Watch a show where animals are in control.

One of the park’s oldest shows, Universal’s Animal Actors gives guests a insider’s view on how animals work alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Who knows, you might even be cast in a production!

Universal’s Animal Actors features exotic birds, dogs, cats, pigs and other special animals that have been featured in some of Hollywood’s biggest productions.


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An animal performer from Universal's Animal Actors


Universal’s Animal Actors usually lasts 15 minutes.

Wheelchair Accessible

Yes, ask for assistance. Wheelchair seating is located in the front of the theater.

Flash Photography and Video Taping Policy


Gate A Entrance

The Gate A – or Front of Line – entrance can be found to at the far left of theater on the side facing French Street Bistro. Simply show a Universal team member your pass, and you’ll be granted priority access.

Child Friendly?

Does your child like animals? Then bring them along! Universal’s Animal Actors features some of Hollywood’s furriest stars, and the show is suitable for audiences of all ages. See the intensity meter below for additional information.

Intensity Meter

Intensity Meter

By all means, Universal’s Animal Actors is probably the most family-friendly show at the park. Not only does it deal with animals and the tricks of the movie trade, but it also uses younger guests as participants. So if your child loves animals, be sure to bring them for the show.


Arrive early!

As with all shows at Universal, we highly recommend arriving 15-20 minutes before posted show times. Remember, show times represent when the show actually starts – not a recommendation as to when you should start lining up.


Universal’s Animal Actors has restrooms conveniently placed next to its entrance on either side. While the restrooms are usually relatively empty during and in-between performances, that entire area should be avoided 20 minutes after every show. The influx of guests exiting creates a navigational nightmare.


There are animal meet-and-greets next to the show’s entrance if you’re interested in meeting an animal from the show. Check for posted showtimes near the theater.

Be a part of the show

Universal’s Animal Actors regularly uses participants during the show. While we can’t guarantee that you or your child will get picked, we have noticed that the trainers do look for specific traits.

Adults: sit near the center of the theater, near the center stairway. Children: sit near the aisle near the front of the stage. In both cases, make as much noise and draw as much attention as you possibly can! The trainers love enthusiastic guests.

Our Take: From our Editors

Has this old show overstayed its welcome? Read on to find out.

Jon Fu – Inside Universal Editor

A staple of the Upper Lot, Universal’s Animal Actors has always been on Universal’s roster in some shape or form over the past few years. And despite its various incarnations over the years, not much has really changed.

Audiences are still given a sneak preview of how animals behave and interact in the movie industry, and guests – specifically kids – are still asked to participate in the show’s various demos. And while fans (like ourselves) are still looking for some major changes to the show’s format, regular guests really seem to just enjoy the show for what it is.

Simply put, Universal’s Animal Actors is a simple combination of animal demonstrations, tricks, and a sneak preview of some of Hollywood’s insider techniques. Think of a much friendlier version of the Special Effects Stage with the obvious emphasis on animals. It’s cute, great for kids, and really just a fine way to wind down after a ride on Jurassic Park or Transformers. And while repeat guests and fans might just want to skip the show something else, everyone else should find this show rather enjoyable.

Short of it is this: guests, check it out. Fans: do something else.

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