Universal Orlando updated their Halloween Horror Nights website with a new section called “Take a Chance”, which allows visitors to press their luck and play games for tokens. The ultimate goal is building up a “House of Cards”.

After restringing, you start off with 90 tokens and are presented with 3 cards, and must choose one to move on to the next part of the game. Each round of chance will cost you 30 tokens, so play carefully.

So far, it appears that their is only 2 games offered for you to play. The first game takes you to a cemetery, where you must choose a tombstone out of a possible 3.If you choose correctly, the snow melts off the tombstone, revealing a name, “Lady Elizabeth Hawthorn”. Could this be the birth name of the rumored icon, “Lady Luck”?

After the snow melts, you will be taken to a row of 3 crypts. The goal is to match 3 of the 5 Skeleton Keys with the correct crypt. Choose wisely, if you choose incorrectly 3 times, you lose and are taken back to dealer.

The next games takes you to a telephone, where you must choose the correct line to “pick up”. If correct, you will then be taken to a room where 9 TV’s are located. 6 are working, while 3 are experiencing “Technical Difficulties”. The object of the game is to choose the 6 working televisions before choosing the 3 that aren’t. Of course, if you choose those 3, you’re out of luck.

If you have exhausted all your tokens, you will be banned from the website and not allowed to continue for one hour.

Winning the games increases your token count, obviously, however it also builds up a “House of Cards”. The picture below shows what the “House” will look like after beating the 2 games.

UPDATE – 8/9

Two new games have been added to the website. When you enter the game site, you will be presented with 5 cards now. 4 of the 5 cards will take you to a game, the Blue Card is an automatic loss, and will take 30 tokens away.

Each color corresponds with a specific game now:

  • Red – Match Game
  • Yellow – Channel Surfing
  • Light Green – Rune Wheel
  • Dark Green – Crypt Keys

When selecting the Red Card, you will be taken to a “True or False” test. To move on to the Match Game, you must select True.

You will then come to a set of levers and screens. The point of this game is to match pairs before the time runs out. Be careful though, there is water gauge to the right of the screen that will run out if you choose incorrectly to many times.

This game is probably our strongest hint from the 4 games released, as it strongly hints towards Saws’n’Steam, a scarezone from last year’s event where human blood was used to power the city of New Yorkshire.

The other new game is a little bit more difficult, and again, relies on dumb luck. When you choose the Light Green card, you will be taken to a bookshelf. Don’t follow the temptation to cheat, or else you’ll lose 30 tokens. You must select the Rune Book (That big, black book with 4 symbols) to move on.

You will be brought to a wheel where you must place the 4 pieces in their correct places. You only have 2 chances to correctly match them up. Unfortunately, there is no real strategy to this game.

If you beat all 4 games, your “House of Cards” should look like this now:

UPDATE – 8/12

The website has updated again with a new game. To play, you must choose the Purple Card.

The new game takes you a wall where you must choose to “serve”. The wall has 2 posters hanging, which are similar to the posters used during World War 1 for propaganda. The left poster asks you to fight and join the infantry. The right poster wants you to be patriotic and save your food., meaning you are staying home. You want to choose the left poster and fight.

After choosing to fight, you will be taken to the trenches where you will have to choose the right boxes of “Ammo”. If you choose the wrong box 3 times, you will lose the game. The ante has been raised for this game though. While the other games are worth 30 tokens to play, this one may cost you 60. This game, like many of the others, has no strategy, so choose wisely.

After winning, you will be taken to the “House of Cards”, which should look like this now.

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Stay Tuned, with the event’s opening is almost here, news and information about the theme is sure to be released soon.