March 5, 2014 – Hello everyone! Here is a quick update about our favorite theme park with the top five subjects going on this month:

1 » Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem Nears Completion


Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem is in its final stride before opening to the public for technical rehearsals. Most of the construction walls have come down and the facade has been exposed near the main entrance of the attraction. Universal Studios Hollywood has raised the bar with quality in similar fashion to Orlando. While we are not expecting technical rehearsals to begin for another couple of weeks, some Annual Pass holders have been sent emails recommending that they pay close attention for invitations leading to an annual pass preview in March.

2 » Super Silly Fun Land Archway
Super Silly Fun Land continues to go vertical. The main archway for Super Silly Fun Land as well as the entire Moulin Rouge/French Street is getting a fresh coat of paint as the park prepares for summer 2014. This area promises something unique for the Hollywood crowd in the form of the theme park’s first spinner attraction and a wet and dry playground in similar, yet smaller, fashion to Blast Zone/Curious George.

3 » The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Not even thunderstorms can stop Harry Potter! Only 5 days after the first major rain in the south-land, crews are hard at work to keep the Wizarding World on time in Hollywood. As you can see, some areas are beginning first stages of going vertical, not only for Hogsmead, but for Springfield and backstage areas as well. Expect this area to get very exciting throughout summer.

4 » Simpsons Carnival Games Near Completion
Springfield is coming…in stages. Phase 1 of Springfield was the addition of carnival games in and around the main queue of The Simpsons Ride and the removal of many light poles and congestion items in the plaza. In similar fashion to its counterpart in Orlando, Springfield will eventually see more additions as time goes on. These games are copies of Orlando and are just about ready to open. Expect them to be ready in time for Spring Break in California. When will the rest of Springfield open…only time will tell, but be prepared for another summer to pass and something much more unique compared to the existing installation at Universal Studios Florida.

5 » WaterWorld Under Refurbishment
WaterWorld has begun its normal refurbishment as the park heads into the off season. Expect to see some major changes to the WaterWorld show once the show returns to daily operation, however do not expect WaterWorld to reopen until early April 2014 just in time for Spring Break crowds and the official opening of Despicable Me. However, Jaws is still closed for ongoing refurbishment and modifications even though it’s not posted at the main gate under attraction closures.

Stick with us through this exciting year of growth for Universal Studios Hollywood. The park has never been so alive with change and there is so much more to come! See you next time.

Chris Lord

Chris Lord is an editor for Inside Universal.

From his first visit to Universal in 1986 with the original attractions such as A-Team, Battlestar Galactica, and King Kong, Chris admired Universal for its experience of “Riding the Movies.” He eventually became an employee of Universal Studios Hollywood in 1998 for the second Halloween Horror Nights event and then went on to become an attraction host for show control and a ride operator for Back to the Future and Terminator 2:3D. Chris eventually left Universal to pursue a new career in commercial aviation.

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