March 8, 2014 – First on Inside Universal – With the exception of the “Help Little Santa’s Helper” water game, Universal Studios Hollywood has officially opened a new strip of Krustyland’s Carnival Games lining the entrance to The Simpsons Ride.

The games include Dunk or Flunk (basketball free-throws), Sideshow You (balloon popper), Thar The Throws (basket-hoops), Help Santa’s Little Helper (water gun game), Wild and Willies (knock’em down game), Strike 3 (another knock’em down with Duff beer cans), and Eye Carumba (small-free throws). The games are exactly what you would come to expect at a typical American carnival and include basketball hoops, squirt gun racers, ball toss challenges and other carnival favorites – all with a comical Simpsons twist.

The Simpsons Ride debuted in May of 2008 and has been well-received by guests. The carnival game additions appear to have been borrowed from The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Florida, and suggests that more Springfield related changes are on their way in addition to the 2016 arrival of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Krustyland’s Carnival Games







Bruce Babcock

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