The time is almost here!

The construction walls surrounding the London Waterfront area of the Diagon Alley expansion have been taken down. Guests will be able to get a lot closer to the almost-finished new land, but not up-close yet.

There are security guards patrolling the area alerting guests that the area is still not open yet. Yes, as of writing this, we have yet to receive an official opening date.

Based on VIP and Media Previews, as well as the vacation packages Universal Orlando is selling for the new land, we can expect the opening to be around the last week of June at the earliest.

In the mean time, fans are on #PotterWatch hoping that they’ll be able to sneak in for a Soft Opening preview before then. For those unfamiliar, Soft Openings are technical rehearsals where the park tests new additions before it’s grand opening. During Soft Openings, a ride may break down throughout the day to work out any kinks.

Keep in mind, the walls being down does not signal the area is ready for a soft opening, but does mean we are one step closer.

Enjoy these photos taken this morning, courtesy of Mikey aka MagicCityMayhem. Special shout-out to Elvenage for the awesome panoramic photo.