SeaWorld is celebrating a “Summer of Mako” and we were on-hand on Sunday to check out some of the offerings of this summer’s event.
The event allows guests to experience SeaWorld’s attractions, including their all-new Mako coaster, at night; limited-time night time activities, and other learning experiences.

Summer of Mako also offers several limited time in-park specials and culinary offerings including a honey vanilla mako shark cookie; a SeaWorld exclusive Coca-Cola Freestyle mix, Mako Blast; a specialty alcoholic beverage only available at Shark’s Underwater Grill; and Mako American Red Ale, a SeaWorld exclusive brew available in several locations around SeaWorld.

During our visit, we stopped by the recently-opened Manatee Rehabilitation, Stingray Lagoon, and Pacific Point Preserve. Nothing different than SeaWorld’s regular day offerings, but it’s always great to get an up-close experience to animals that you normally don’t encounter. While at Stringray Lagoon, guests can feed and touch the rays as they swim around their habitat. Over at Pacific Point, while you can’t touch the sea lions, you can feed them and watch them play around in the water.

One of the limited-time offers this Summer is Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up The Night; which is held at Shamu Stadium.  The show features original music along with SeaWorld’s majestic killer whales that ends with a fireworks finale. Sadly, due to high winds, our fireworks were cancelled. Check out the video below of the full show:

The later hours also gives guests a chance to experience SeaWorld’s great coaster line-up during the night, which offers a completely different experience. Riding Mako at night makes the fantastic new coaster even greater, as you feel like you are going faster, but also get a chance to see the surrounding areas of Orlando light up from the top of the lift hill. Of course, riding Kraken and Manta is a must-do at night as well.

Summer of Mako is a great event to check out, especially because SeaWorld at night is such a great way to experience the park. The event runs through August 7, and will also have a special 4th of July fireworks celebration. Make sure to check it out! Check out our photo gallery below: