Over twenty years ago, Universal Studios Hollywood debuted the revolutionary and groundbreaking attraction, Jurassic Park: The Ride. Developed by some of the greatest minds in the theme park industry, Jurassic Park completed Universal’s transformation into a full-fledged theme park that began with the opening of Back to the Future: The Ride in 1993.

Opening with a gut-busting four-hour queue that stretched into a soundstage, Jurassic Park cemented Universal as an able competitor against Disney. Compared to Disney’s family-friendly offerings, Universal could competently push the boundaries beyond that of what Disney had cared to do. This was a family-friendly boat ride gone awry, and in typical Universal fashion, all hell breaks loose at the end with a spectacular T-Rex finale. Though the ride has changed over the years, Jurassic Park’s underlying principle has remained the same: to give guests a first-person encounter in the awe-inspiring – but terrifying – world of Jurassic Park.

To commemorate Jurassic Park: The Ride’s twentieth anniversary, we invite you to browse through our archival detailing the development of the ride, including an interview with the creative mastermind Gary Goddard, alongside a selection of some of our favorite videos of the attraction over the years.

Here’s to twenty years of Jurassic Park!



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