UPDATE: 7/2/2016

The new Hulk statue was unveiled today, as the tarp was removed. In addition, the Hulk lagoon was filled and all the water effects were turned on.

According to Orlando Informer, a new virtual reality simulation is being offered in the Toon Lagoon Amphitheater that previews what the new coaster experience is like. However we must clarify, a VR experience is not coming to the coaster.

Check out the image below, along with the original story immediately after:

We’re one step closer to finally experiencing the new Incredible Hulk Coaster.

The walls that surrounded the roller coaster since construction began have come down, with the exception of the actual entrance to the coaster; with the front entrance marquee installed – though the Hulk statue is hidden under some tarp.

In the updated area, the biggest change is the location of the entrance – which is now shifted to the right, and with a much more direct flow. The area is also more open to help spread out the crowds.

The lockers have also been updated; with most of them big enough for your basic loose articles, such as glasses, phones, and wallets. There is also a section of bigger lockers, for those wanting to store purses or bags.

The Incredible Hulk Coaster is still slated to open later this Summer. Check out the images below for more updates of the coaster. Testing will continue as the coaster gets ready for it’s re-opening.

For more information on the new coaster, make sure to read all the details here.