Volcano Bay is  two months and one week away from opening on May 25th and the park is quickly coming together. Foliage is being installed around the lazy rivers and slides, set pieces around the park and entryway are being installed, and the rock work around the park is finalizing.

Speaking of rock work – Krakatau, the 200-ft tall icon of the new park, emerged from its scaffolding this week. Krakatau is stunning, especially today as Universal started testing the large waterfall on its front face. The waterfall will cascade down to the multi-directional wave pool and the end point for Ko’okiri Body Plunge slide. At night, Krakatau will erupt and the waterfalls will turn into lava flows.

In addition, signage is being installed at Universal’s parking garages that directs guests to the 1st Floor for transportation to Volcano Bay. Plans calls for a tram to transport guests from the South parking garage to the entry way of Volcano Bay, right near Cabana Bay’s new Towers.

Stay tuned to Orlando United for more updates on Volcano Bay as we approach the May 25th opening.